Friday, June 5, 2009

Online newsletter coming

For those of you that have received one of my monthly newsletters (ok...either the April or May one...I have only done 2!), then you would have received them as hard copies. This is because I have been using Publisher as the programme to create them. I love Publisher, but it doesn't like being transferred onto other terminals and god forbid if you use a text that someone else doesn't have. Hissy fits erupt! So I have been limited to sending out my newsletter either by mail or givign out by hand. Which is not ideal.

So, from this month, I am going to be sending out an e-newsletter. I'm not entirely sure of all the bells and whistles, but suffice to say that it should be easier all round.

Keep an eye on your mailboxes - especially the spam box as it may get shoved in there until you tell your computer that my stuff ain't spam!! The June newsletter will be out shortly.

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