Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mini tri-fold scrapbook pictures

Relating to the post below, here are the photos of the scrapbook which you will make in the class:

The front cover - what it looks like when closed.

You will note that I have printed a title on my can do this too if you wish, or stamp an image and adhere it. It is up to you. I will explain how you can print on the DSP at the class.

This is what the album looks like when you open the first 2 pages (the front covers). It is here that you start to see some of the numerous photos and embellishments in the album.

This is the album fully extended. There are 23 panels all up, but you won't want or need to put a photos on every one. You can see that I have added 3 big pictures as focal pics (these panels measure 5.5 x 4" and I cropped the pictures a little smaller to have a border around them) and then just placed on a number of smaller pictures to help tell my story.

You may or may not wish to use as many photos as I. You may like to have more of the DSP featuring. I would like to stress that THIS ALBUM IS YOURS and how you decorate it is UP TO YOU!

It is a little hard to see from these pics, but on my album, I have handwritten various captions. I like to do this in mini albums and I am not terribly fussed by how messy my handwriting looks. BUT... you may hate this look and want to stick to a more formal structure and look. No problem.

Now, for those that want to know the sizes, here they are:

Panel sizes (so your photos will need to be a little smaller in order to fit)
3 @ 5.5. x 4"
2 @ 5.5 x 2"
8 @ 2 x 1.5"
4 @ 2.5 x 2"
2 @ 2.5 x 4"
4 @ 1.5 x 4"
Plus there is the 4x4" panel on the front.

How I got my photo sizes was to print out a range of photos in a smaller format and then cropped as necessary, and I also printed our 3 large photos to fit in the bigger panels. NOTE: that the photos in the 3 big panels should be portrait orientation (ie up and down) and the rest of the pictures lend themselves to those that are in a landscape orientation (ie horizontal). You will have less photo wastage this way.

At the end of the day, I don't think it is really going to matter.... I heavily cropped some photos to make them fit and for others I didn't print them big enough, but they easily fit inside the panels and still look good (I think so anyway!). If you make a huge blunder, think of this class as a dry run and recreate all of this at home!!

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