Thursday, July 22, 2010

A bit of a technical hiccup

As much as I like to think that I am computer savvy, I am not. I mean, I can operate most windows based programmes, I can certainly post blogs, I can even operate our farm website, but I am occasionally reminded just how much I rely on the "face" of the programmes I use when things don't work like they should.

The case in point here is, the blogsite template that I use has disappeared. Noticed that? It is because of a whole website/picture use/bandwidth issue that has nothing to do with me and is something I don't understand anyway. Suffice to say that the place I access it from has to change servers and the codes we use also have to change. And this is where I am coming unstuck.

Because EVERYONE who has free blog templates from this particular company is obviously trying to change their codes AT THE SAME TIME and I can't get on! Sigh. So I tried another company, but the uploading thing is different and they are telling me to save my doo-dads and elements and whatsits and other things I have no idea about to a backup area, and to be quite's all too hard.

I've sat here for near on 2 hours now and am in a worse spot than I was before. So bugger it....I am just going to wait for everyone to sort themselves out, hop online later in the week and hopefully everything will be smooth sailing. At this point in time, I wish I were further up the design line of the company that is going to create my new blog template (which will be mine...all mine...and no-one can change it on me!!) so I didn't have to worry about this, but I am still a couple of months away.

So for the meantime, we are on 'minimalistic' blog design. Stay tuned......

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