Sunday, July 18, 2010

Giving out tutorials & instructions

Some of my class participants have been asking me for the written tutorials for some of my classes. For a lot of my classes - such as the novelty card class I ran on the weekend - this is fine and I don't mind providing the instructions. After all, this is how we all learn and broaden our own ideas. But I want to advise I am unable to give out tutorials for other classes.

This is because they may be covered by copyright by another demonstrator who allows demos to teach the material, but not to distribute, or it may be a project that I wish to reserve the rights to myself (for publication purposes or for future sales etc). Of course, keen papercrafters can always work out the ins and outs of a particular project for themselves after completing a class, but bear in mind that much of the work goes on 'behind the scenes' including the development of the instructions and dimensions of the project.

I am sure you can appreciate my position and I don't wish to offend anyone by saying 'no'. I thank all my customers and class attendees for their understanding. Whilst I don't make a habit of providing written instructions, I will endeavour in future to advise in advance that a tutorial will not be provided on request. But again, if you ask and I have to decline, please don't be offended.

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