Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dinner details

To any ladies that will be joining me for dinner THIS TUESDAY (23rd), the details are:

Cafe Nu Deli, Colac
Purchase own meals and drinks at venue's prices.

I have the following ladies as confirmed attendees:
  • Michelle C
  • Ashley C
  • Lil C
  • Lynne S
  • Carol C
  • Barb B
  • Heather A
If your name does not appear on this list but you would like to come, please contact me and let me know so I can confirm numbers with the venue.

As an aside, I am having some computer issues at the moment. We run a number of computers at home/dairy, and they are all linked. However, my computer that I run all my stamping business from is not talking to the other computers just now (being a bit snobbish I think!). Whilst I can access my emails and blog from other computers, sending emails and loading photos onto my blog is a little difficult as all those things are on my computer. don't really realise how much we've come to rely on technology until it doesn't work for us!

Hopefully this issue will be fixed ASAP and I will load a few more things out of the upcoming mini catty on here for you.

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