Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sorry for absence and TOTW

Ugh...sorry for the lack of posts. But I do have a good reason. I may have mentioned previously that I got a new laptop for Christmas and that is is a Mac. Well last week we finally had the time to take the old PC and the new Mac into the computer shop to have all the files transferred. No simple task either! And now I am struggling a little, feeling like a computer newbie all over again as I learn the Mac way of doing things.

I also have to re-learn a new photo editing software programme, so my photos might be a bit hit and miss until I nut that one out.

But, I do have a TIP OF THE WEEK for you.

"when you develop a card design that you really like and is easy to replicate, do the same card in different colours, DSP and stamps (including sentiments). Run off about a dozen cards at once...this way, you'll always have a card on hand no matter what the occasion."

(oh and yay! colours are working again now I am using a different web browser. Blogger obviously didn't like Google Chrome)

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