Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tutorial - Shimmer Ink

Thankyou very much to those ladies that have filled out my survey. If you haven't done so yet, please do! It is only through your feedback that I can build a business that meets your needs. Click on the link on the right hand side ----------------> over there!

As a result of some of the feedback that I have received to date, there has been the request for some tutorials on here. So.....here is my first one. At the moment, it is a step by step with pictures, but hopefully, I'll work out how to do a video and that will be much smoother!

Gather your supplies. You will need to buy some ISOCOL rubbing alcohol from the supermarket (check near the panadol and bandaids). You will also need a small spray bottle. I used one I purchased from a scrap shop, but any small spray bottle will work perfectly well. I used to use a small perfume bottle.

Fill your spray bottle with the alcohol about 2/3rds

Dribble in your shimmer ink. The Frost White (which I am using here) sort of 'glugs' in. The Champagne Mist is a bit thinner. I haven't used the Platinum one so I don't know what consistency it is. But you are aiming for about 5 drops in the sized bottle I have. More in a bigger bottle, less in a teenier bottle. You can always check it on a scrap bit of paper and see if you need more or less ink next time round.

Give it a damn good shake. You will need to shake it everytime you use it as the ink settles out quite quickly.

Holding it about 20cm from your cardstock or paper, give a quick spray. Here you can see the effect of the Frost White on black cardstock.....

....and here you can see what it looks like on Pear Pizzazz cardstock...

...and again, on darker coloured DSP.

If you are doing the technique with the range of inks, then I suggest that you label the bottle with the colour. They all look a bit similar when made up with the Isocol.

The finished card!

The different inks give different results. Here you can see what the Champagne looks like. it is much subtler indoors, but in the sun or under lights, it is VERY shimmery.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Remember, the shimmer inks are available in the IBC so you can access them for the rest of the year. Whilst the sparkly nature lends itself to Christmas cards, (and mine featured heavily with bling!), I think you can use this technique for many occasions. I have a wedding I am going to on the weekend and will probably use the Champagne Mist on the card. Vintage cards look great with a smattering of this on them!

I should also say that if you like doing this - or using the Smooch Spritz in the mini catty - invest in a Colour Catcher (p10, mini catalogue). For $10.50, you will save yourself a lot of heartache in not spraying the wrong thing (like stuff on your desk), or you won't have to spray your projects outside and be at the mercy of the wind (like I used to do).

Get spraying ladies!

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  1. 1st of the mark. Thanks Sam for this tutorial. I am going to give this a go.