Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SAB and other stuff

My SAB cattys will be going out tomorrow. Make sure you don't miss out on receiving one. If you are a customer that has purchased from me in the past 12 months, you will AUTOMATICALLY be mailed a catalogue. If you haven't purchased anything from me in this time, but are keen to see the stamps on offer, please email me with your postal address and I'll make sure I get yours in the mail ASAP.

My class in February will be using 3 of the SAB sets. I will be posting pictures and details about this class in the next day or so...check back on that one. As usual, numbers will be limited for the class due to seating arrangements. Get in quick.

I already have a couple of bookings for in-home workshops during the SAB period. Don't miss out on a date that you want. Contact me NOW to arrange a date for me to show you how great the SAB sets are.

I will be posting (emailing) out my monthly newsletter in the next few days. If you don't already receive this, simply enter your details in the box at the top of this blog and you will automatically receive it every month.

I am going to be a bit preoccupied tomorrow as my #1 baby - Thomas - starts school for the very first time. He is really looking forward to it, as am I. But still......here I am handing him over to other people to help me raise him, mould him and educate him. From tomorrow, I cease to be the main person in his world who teaches him and I will have to allow others in. Sob. No doubt I will have pics of his first day to share. Even I haven't seen him in his complete uniform. He has tried everything on at various points...just not altogether. So I will see him kitted out as a prep kid for the first time tomorrow. You can just tell that there will be tears (mine, not his).

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