Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's not too early to be thinking....

...of Mother's Day.

Yes, I realise that Mother's Day is not until May, and for some this seems like an eternity away. But, if you are anything like me and have your diary broken down into weeks and those weeks all seem to be filling up at a great rate of knots, then it is not too far away at all.

So, a few things you might like to think about for Mother's Day - or encourage your loved ones to buy for YOU for Mother's Day ;)
  • One of the new stamp sets out of the upcoming Autumn/Winter mini catalogue (these will be delivered in the next week or so...keep an eye out or contact me for your FREE copy)
  • A gift voucher for a monetary amount (min $25....up to whatever you'd like)
  • A gift voucher for a class
Simply contact me or get your kids/hubby to contact me via email to arrange.

If you would like the gift voucher to be posted, please put another $1 onto the amount. Stamp sets will be placed as individual orders and will attract postage which is either $5.95 or 5% whichever is the greater. Orders will be posted direct to your home unless otherwise arranged.

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