Thursday, March 31, 2011

My crafting space

My desk

Many people think that I have this wonderful crafting space. I am very fortunate that I do have a space all to myself. However, I inherited this space and it has forever been a work in progress. I have recently installed some IKEA shelving, but am still waiting on hubby to arrange my BIL to come and help install the other unit which will hang on the wall and store paper and punches etc..
So my space is a mess. And in fact, it is such a mess that it spills out into the entranceway which forever annoys the hell out of my husband.

See that small space near my keyboard just where the craft mat is? Well that is all the area I have to create! And that mat is only A4 sized. Sad hey? And the reason I have 2 screens (yes, i know you're wondering about that) is because I have a laptop but want a bigger screen. BUT we can't work out how to keep the big screen going once I shut the laptop up. Sigh....

Kristina Werner recently posted on her blog all about her messy craft space and urged other messy crafters to show theirs as well. Well, I think it is beyond dispute that I am a messy MESSY crafter. Can't help it. I do try and keep everything neat, but it never stays that way. Will things be different when I eventually get the rest of my shelving up? Doubt it.

Boxes of 'stuff' waiting to be unpacked and put away. I think that these contain samples and what not from the Picture to Page show I went to in early March! And you can just see the IKEA shelving behind the mess.

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  1. It lookd like lots of fun. Just keep creating. Thanks for sharing.