Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's been keeping me occupied!

Ladybirds!  Lots of 'em!

I decided on the theme for Bella's 1st birthday party in early June.  This idea mainly stemmed from the punch art class I ran over the weekend, but I had to modify the ladybird somewhat in order to make it big enough to be an invitation.

As I was up to my eyeballs in spots and dots, I discovered I had actually been in the process of doing a little technique that you can all benefit from.  Shading and highlighting.  I have taken a series of 3 pictures as I developed the ladybird; the first shows the red circle (the shell) just as it is after being cut out using my circle scissors cutter (that size of the shell is a 5" circle).  The second picture with the black spots is where I have actually done some shading around the outside of the shell in Soft Suede ink using a Stampin' Sponge. The photo does not do this justice and I admit, it is not very obvious on the screen, but trust me when I tell you that in real life, the difference is quite distinct.  The third picture is where I have put highlights on to the spots using a white gel pen.  This is the finished product and I think you'll agree, the highlighting gives it that little extra.

For those that would like measurements:

  • Shell - 5" circle (using circle scissors cutter)
  • Body - 4" circle (as above)
  • Dots on shell - 3/4" circle punch
  • Head - Extra wide Oval punch
  • Face - Large Oval punch
  • Eyes - the small circle punch out of the Punch Bunch pakc (in previous mini catty)
  • Handcut antenae using fine strips of cardstock
  • Hand drawn mount with journal writer; eyes with white gel pen
  • Shading on cheeks using dauber and Rose Red ink

Love to hear what you think of my baby's invite!!

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  1. These are gorgeous! I can see why you'd have spots on the brain :)