Sunday, September 4, 2011

New hostess benefits explained...

One of the big changes in the new catalogue is the changes to the hostess benefits.

Previously, when a hostess reached $300 in sales (before p/h) she started to earn hostess benefits of free stamps and free products. These increased in amount as the value of the workshop takings increased. Now, instead of earning a free stamp set (broken down to levels based on workshop takings) and receiving a monetary amount of free product, you now earn "hostess dollars". With these hostess dollars, you "purchase" whatever you like from the catalogue as your reward. The amount of hostess dollars is still determined by the workshop takings, but they are increased in value and there is an added bonus.

There are no free stamp sets now, but, there still are stamp sets that are only available to hostesses. You will see these on pages 8 – 12 of the IB&C. You will note that there are 2 prices for each stamp set; one price is the amount of 'hostess dollars' that stamp set will cost you and the other price is the amount the stamp set would cost if it were available as a general sale (which it isn't….this is just a guide). So for instance, "Tagtastic" on pg 11, costs $26 (wood) or $21 (clear) when you use your hostess dollars, but it would retail at $43.95 (wood) or $34.95 (clear) if it were available to purchase by the general public.

If you want, you DO NOT have to buy a hostess stamp set at all. You can use your hostess dollars on whatever you like.  So let's go through a couple of examples:

Example 1: $350 workshop takings
So the hostess (Amy) has a workshop that has made $350 before p/h. Looking at the table on page 7 IBC, she has earned $50 (hostess dollars). In this case, Amy loves the 'Simply Soft' stamp set in the hostess section.  This will use up $26 of her reward money (if she buys the set in clear). This leaves Amy with a balance of $24. Amy also wants the stamp set "Three Little Words" on page 103 for $24.95. Because this is a little more than the money she has available, Amy simply pays the difference (in this case $0.95c plus 5% postage on the amount (0.05) which means she owes $1 for her hostess benefits. For those of you that have gone over on hostess benefits in the past (and most of you have), this system of adding to the amount has not changed.

Example 2: $550 workshop takings 
Elise has had a great workshop and the workshop made $550 before p/h.  Looking at the table, she has earned 80 hostess dollars. Elise wants stamp sets that everyone generally don't have so she is going to choose just for the hostess section. Elise chooses Happiest Birthday Wishes for $34 (clear) and Array of Sunshine for $16 (clear) spending her entire $50. She owes nothing more for hostess rewards.

Example 3: $550 workshop takings
Biddy holds a workshop and it makes the same as Elise's above.  But Biddy isn't interested in any stamp sets because she has heaps and she desperately needs other bits and pieces.  She has $50 to "spend" and she chooses to spend it all on cardstock and DSP.  Biddy gets one pack of Big Top DSP ($18.95) and a pack each of Real Red and Tempting Turquoise A4 cardstock ($13.95ea).  This leaves her with a credit balance of $3.15 which is forfeit.

Example 4: $1050 workshop takings
Gail is ecstatic with her workshop takings because it means she gets a bit more to spend plus an added bonus.  Gail receives $160 to spend PLUS she gets 50% off 3 full priced item in the catalogue!  Gail has been coveting the Big Shot for a while now, and now that it has come down in price by $30, she is keen to get it.  So Gail uses her hostess rewards to get the Big Shot.  The Big Shot costs $149.95, so she uses her hostess dollars for this, and with the $10.05 left over, she gets a Swirls Scribble Sizzlit die for $9.95.  Remember, she still gets 3 items at 50% off, so she chooses the Fancy Favour Box (full $69.95; half $34.98), the Top Note die (full $39.95; half $19.98) and the Houndstooth embossing folder (full $14.95; half $7.48).  The half price amounts add up to $62.44 which she pays plus 5% on top for postage ($3.12…total $65.56).  So for $65.56, she has got a Big Shot, a sizzlet, 2 dies and an embossing folder!!! The total value of what she has earned is $284.75 and she saved $219.19!!!!!

OK, there are any number of different ways to use your hostess dollars.  If you are confused, speak to me before you use them and I will help make sure you get the best "bang for your buck".  But as you can see, there is a lot more flexibility in what you can do with your rewards.

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