Thursday, April 12, 2012

Virtual workshops

Just a reminder to all my customers - particularly those that don't live near me - that you are able to take advantage of hostess benefits WITHOUT having to host a real life workshop.  You can host a "virtual" workshop instead!

As a virtual hostess, you will receive:

  • a IB&C (worth $12.95 + p/h)
  • a mini catty (current Autumn Winter 2012)
  • a stamping techniques booklet
  • order forms
  • 2 card samples with explanations
  • 1 card or scrapbook sketch

All you need to do is to show your catalogues and card samples around, gather orders from friends and family and submit the orders and payments to me.  Easy!

And what can you get for doing this?  Well, the same benefits as any other hostess.  If your "workshop" order makes a minimum $300 in sales, you will start earning hostess dollars that can be spent on ANYTHING in the catalogue (not just the hostess only products).  You will also be eligible for my Loyalty Rewards program, accruing at least 1 point for hosting a workshop.

Even though I am not running any workshops or classes during May (because of baby arrival), I will be running these virtual workshops, so please contact me to become involved or to find out more information.

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