Friday, August 3, 2012

Get in now to book your workshop

I know that we have just released the retiring lists, but it will not be long until the brand spanking new Annual Catalogue AND the new Holiday Mini Catalogue are with us.

There is always such excitement surrounding the release of new catalogues - particularly the Annual Catty - so I am now calling on those of you that would like to book a workshop for after September 1st to get in now and grab your preferred date before someone else snaps it up!

I have seen the new catalogues and there are some FANTASTIC products in there.  Trust me, you will WANT to get your hands on free products and to do this, you need to be a hostess.  A lot of people balk at being a hostess, but really, all you need to do is ask a handful of family and/or friends around and I will do the rest.  You could very easily come away with more than $100 worth of FREE goodies.

Contact me today to book your date.  I would love to show you some new products, showcase some nifty techniques and possible introduce some of your friends to the world of papercrafting.  Speak to me about how to go about hosting a workshop (trust is sooooooo easy!!)

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