Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paper, ribbons and embellishments

So are you loving the look of the new paper, ribbons and nik naks out of the Annual and Holiday catalogues?  But have you done your sums and worked out how much it will cost you to buy full packs of them all?  If you have 4 packets of paper and each of the 3 tulle ribbons you could be in the order of around $100.  Would you like to get your hands on a selection of the new products for cheaper?

Well, consider the product shares I have on offer.  I have a range of different shares ranging from just DSP to ribbons, to nik naks to 'The Lot'.  For those that buy all the shares for each catalogue offering, you will also get a free gift and free shipping.

I have a link to the post that contains all the details about the products shares at the top of this blog.  Click on it to see them.  And remember, my product share offer expires on September 30th - which is only 4 more days (incl today) away.  After this, you will have to buy the full packs of each of the products.

For those that have already purchased product shares, the shipment has arrived here and I will be distributing over the next few days!

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