Friday, October 5, 2012

Retired stamp for sale

With the arrival of the new catalogues, I have a number of stamp sets that have retired that are sitting here.  Whilst I would love to keep them all (after all, I did buy them, so it means I do like them!) once a set retires, it becomes difficult for me to use it on a regular basis.

With the exception of some sets that I know I will definitely use for personal projects for years to come (think Pony Party here!), I will be offering all my sets that no longer feature in a current catalogue for sale.  I took all of them to the Colac Garden and Lifestyle Expo a couple of weekends ago, and a number sold, but I still have more that are desperate for new and loving homes!

Over the weekend, I will be photographing and updating my page with the retired stamps.  Please read the blurb at the start of the contains all the relevant information you will need to secure a set. If there was a set that you particularly wanted, but missed out on before it retired....I may have it and it may be yours!  All sets are priced to sell.

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