Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

After a fast and furious December, I did not get a chance to get my monthly newsletter out.  So stay tuned early next month with a whole lot of info on goodies and specials coming out (think Sale-A-Bration!!!!!)

However, on this night - December 24th - when the kids are in bed and the presents wrapped and the food ready to go, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.  May 2014 bring you much joy and good fortune.  I look forward to sharing all new crafting ideas and tips, classes and workshops, information and fun with you throughout next year.

Thankyou to all my customers and friends that have supported me throughout 2013.  I never take your loyalty for granted and I appreciate you choosing me to be your Stampin' Up! demonstrator!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!
Merry Christmas from the Billing kids!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gift Vouchers for Christmas

Stuck for a gift for someone crafty?  Are YOU crafty and others are stuck for a gift for you?  Then don't forget that I offer gift vouchers.  These start at $25 and go up as high as you like.  Redeemable only through me and on individual or customer orders only (no class fees, tech groups or product shares).

Whilst I offer gift vouchers at any time of the year, please note the following timeframe for Christmas deliveries:
COLAC and SURROUNDS (ie hand delivered or pick up)  December 23rd
POSTAGE REQUIRED (please add on $2 to your gift voucher order for this) December 17th

I will still make and give out gift vouchers to be posted AFTER December 17th, but I cannot guarantee that it will make it to you before Christmas.  After all, I am reliant on Aust Post!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Clearance rack is now LIVE!!!!!

Check it out!  Click on the picture or go to CLEARANCE RACK.  Don't forget to shop via my online store by going to SAM'S ONLINE STORE.

Happy shopping!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Clearance Rack Blitz

Whoa...just in time for Chrissy too!

From midnight December 10th, SU! will announce a list of clearance products that are up to 80% off!  Products on this list run out FAST, so if you want to order something, I suggest you don't dilly dally.  Get in there.

Best way to ensure you get what you want....order via my online shop.  If you haven't already signed up for an account, all you need to do is have a valid credit card and shipping address and you're set.  You just need to set up an account and password (these you will keep forever) before you start.  if you need help, please go to my video tutorial by clicking HERE of go to the link by clicking on the "Tutorials" tab on the left hand side menu.

Are you ready to order?  Then simply go to my online shop by clicking HERE.

It has been a busy week here in our household...I know you know what I mean....and I have been a bit lax popping up some new stuff and also getting my newsletter out.  But I intend to get up to date in the next day or so.  Stay with me everyone....there is just HEAPS to tell you about!

But for now, go to the Stampin' Up! home page and check out the Clearance Rack and get some super savings.  I will post a link on this blog and my facebook page tomorrow.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Bon Bons and decorations

Ok.  I have jumped on the band wagon and got into making the Christmas Bon Bons which are created by using the new Envelope Punch Board!  Yes, who would've thought?  Well.....someone more crafty than me, that's for sure.  Because I didn't come up with this idea - I merely copied it from someone else.  If you want to make these yourself, simply Google "Christmas Cracker Stampin Up" and a heap of YouTube videos and blog posts will come up.  There are a few.....choose which one suits you. thing I did come up with myself (and I am a bit pleased about this!) is the little decoration that I added on my bon bon.  I just made this by gluing the little offcuts from the Envelope Punch Board when you make your bon bon.  I just glued each bit back to back.  The little ornament shaped bits will be prescored down the middle so all you need to do is add glue.  And a string or ribbon if you wish.  You can make them like I did and have them a full 'ornament' or you can halve the number of bits you use and make them a half ornament that you can adhere flat on the bon bon (or card).

I added a full pearl to the top of the ornament after I had threaded some linen thread through (this pearl was a leave over from the now retired pretties kit that we used to have....but any bead or pearl will work just fine).  I also ran some Tombow glue down the side and the sprinkled liberally with Dazzling Diamonds. Wahla!
Here is a link to a YouTube video (there are also heaps of these) that show you how to make the Christmas Ornament that was on the cover of last year's Holiday Catalogue.  The way you fold and glue the the individual pieces together to make this ornament is essentially what I used to make mine.  Except in this case, my score lines where already there.

If none of this makes sense, let me know.  I'll step you through it!

Let me finish off by giving you a few words of advice on creating these bon bons:

  1. You can make ANY size you like....DON'T be limited by the measurements given in the YouTube videos you watch
  2. Regardless of the size, make sure that the score lines that you have that go down the length of the paper or cardstock you are using are AT LEAST 1" (or 2.5cm).  These score lines will dictate the width of each of the 'faces' of the bon bon.  If the score lines are less than 1" you will find that when you come to use the Envelope Punch Board, there will not be enough paper between each punch and you will simply punch off the ends.  I worked this out after demolishing two.  Sigh....
  3. You will need at least 1" at either end to make it look right.  More if it is a bigger bon bon.  
  4. Cardstock will be sturdier, but DSP works just as well.
  5. If you are going to stamp directly on the bon bon, do it BEFORE you stick it together.
  6. Don't skimp on the adhesive.  Use Sticky Strip.  You don't want these buggers popping open on you!
  7. If you want help with measurements, contact me....I'd be happy to help.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

I honestly do not know where the past month has gone!  Last time I checked it was early November and now it is the 1st of December.  Much of last week was taken up with getting ready for my daughter's 6th birthday party (actual b'day is on Dec 25th, so we move her party forward a whole month).  We had 35+ prep aged kids at our local hall for a disco!  Very cool.

Today marks the day of our Christmas preparations.  We were going to put up our Christmas tree this morning, but the lounge room was such a bomb site, I had to clean it before a tree could even remotely be factored into making an appearance.  The cleaning is still ongoing.  Hopefully the tree will be up before Dec 24th!!

However, I did crack out my stamp gear and had Biddy and Tom sit down and make their Christmas cards for their fellow school buddies.  Each of them make approx 20 all by themselves after me showing them how to do them (5 each of 4 different cards).  Even though these we simple cards, they are effective and they didn't take the kids too long.  There was stamping, sponging, punching and gluing to be done on them.  We did them in lots of 4 and then redid a few that we needed extras for.  All up, it took them about 90 minutes to complete the task.  Not bad for first timers.

Here are some pics of them at work:
stamping with the big background stamp...tricky for even the best of us,  but especially tricky when your hands are so small.
some sponging work - they are naturals!
the finished products! for further Christmas preparations.  Don't forget that I have booked a date for our annual stamping Christmas dinner.  This year it is on December 11th (Wednesday) and will be at Gravity Cafe in Murray St, Colac.  The meal and your drinks are at your own cost (I am just facilitating the event, not paying for it!).  The only thing I ask you to bring is a Christmas card that you will swap on the night.  DO NOT WRITE INSIDE are simply giving away a card that someone can use to give away to someone they love.  You will get one back in return!

RSVP's to me as soon as you can please.  Our Stampin' Santa would love to know how many people are coming along!!! (wink).

December newsletter out this week - keep your eye out for some super specials in this one!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Change of Christmas Wreath class date

Just a quickie...

I have to change the date of my next class - Christmas Wreaths - from November 16th to November 23rd.

I am sorry if I have inconvenienced anyone, but I will not get all of the supplies needed for the class through on time (a trip to Geelong is needed).

A few people were unable to attend the class when it was to be held on the 16th, so if this new date suits you, please contact me to book in.

Additionally, I advertised the wrong price. (I am doing well....!!!).  The cost of this class will be $30 NOT $25.

I will update my Facebook events page shortly, and you may book in via there, or alternatively, please email me directly (

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

RMHC cards for sale

I am still finalising the money that we raised from the Ronald McDonald House Charities cardmaking event last week.  So stay tuned for the final amount.

However, I just want to quickly put out an offer.

There were a number of cards that had the materials already cut up but were not made up on the day.  Since last week, a few of the demos and I have put them together.  I have packaged some of them up into card packs of 6 cards (in a plastic box) and I am putting them up for sale.  100% of the money raised from the sale of these packs will be placed in with the rest of the money and be donated to RMHC.

The packs are $15 for 6 cards and you also get envelopes as well.

In each pack you will get:

  • 2 birthday cards
  • 1 sympathy card
  • 1 thankyou card
  • 1 hello card
  • 1 Christmas card

This offer is for an EXTREMELY LIMITED time.  Any card packs not sold will be placed in with the rest of the cards to be delivered to the Houses in Melbourne.

This offer is good until Saturday 9th November.  Payment for these packs can be made as cash to me directly or can be placed into my bank account (if you choose this method, I will forward you bank details).  As an added bonus, if you order 2 or more of these packs, I will throw in postage for you for free (if you require them to be sent to you), or I will give you enough stamps for each card!

These packs would make ideal gifts for teachers as Christmas gifts.  So grab your pack before I sell out!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So many NEW things to play with!!

Phwoar.....this is going to be a heavily laden new products post!  Let's jump right into it.

The new Envelope Punch Board (or EPB) is a new product to SU!  This essentially enables you to make envelopes of ANY size to fit your card creations into, however DO NOT LIMIT yourself to just envelopes.  This tool allows you to do so much more!  I have just taken shipment of one of these beauties myself and I would be more than happy to show you how you can use it in a number of ways.
Envelope Punch Board (133774) is a great price at just $31.95.  Check out the details HERE.

If you want, check out this YouTube video that shows you just how you can use the EPB

The new Thinlit cards are just so cute.  ANYONE that you give one of these to is just going to think that you are a superstar cardmaker.  And you will nearly not make an easier card!  Cards made with this do not need to be heavily decorated, because the uniquness of the card itself is enough!  I also have both the different types of these thinlits with me and would be happy to show them to you if you would like to book a workshop with me!
The Thinlits come in 2 designs:
  • Label card (133479) which is featured in the picture, and
  • Circle card (133480)
Both retail at $55.95

It is that time of year when we start thinking about Christmas presents and what we will be giving people.  Often these days, many people make their own gifts for teachers, friends and family.  However, we are often left with poor packaging to place our treasured (and sometimes hard made!) gifts into.
Well fret no more.  The Holiday Catalogue is chocka-block full of packaging ideas.  And from now through to the end of November, you can buy some of them as bundles and save 15%.

The Holiday Tag It Decorative Box Bundle is on sale for $34.95
The Holiday Tag It XL Box Bundle is on sale for $32.95

Click on the picture to see the special in detail.

For those of you out there that have taken to MDS, this is just for YOU!
From now until November 30th, you will save 30% on selected digital products.  Simply go to to check out the details!

Ok...that should do you for today!  Remember, you can order any of these items online by just visiting my online store - CLICK HERE

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Due to being caught up with organising the Ronald McDonald House Charity event which was held yesterday, I neglected to post about the 6 day sale that SU! have on selected stamp sets!

Until TOMORROW ONLY, 25 sets will be reduced by 25% to celebrate our 25th birthday!

Check them out NOW and contact me to place your order ASAP or use the online shop to order straight away!

Friday, October 11, 2013

So why did I pick Ronald McDonald House Charities?

I was asked recently if I had needed to use the services of Ronald McDonald House (RMH) and was that the reason I was raising money and making cards for them.  No, I am fortunate that I have not had to use their services or facilities (not for want of trying by any of my 4 kids though!).  But it got me thinking about how and why we become involved in the vast array of charities that are out there.  I mean, who is the best one for our time and money?

Often, people become involved in fundraising or charity work because of a personal connection.  For instance, someone may start to raise money for breast cancer research because a relative or themselves are diagnosed with the disease.  Others become involved in Beyond Blue because their best mate committed suicide.  Or a family like Ryven Harris' might pull out all the stops to raise the awareness for blood and done marrow donations.  Often, we don't become involved in something until it immediately affects us.

So why did I, a mum of 4 healthy kids who are not remotely in need of the services of RMH, start this campaign to raise money and make cards for the charity?  Why didn't I pick something else - possibly something else that might have attracted more people more quickly - to become involved?  Why didn't I raise money for IVF research or unexplained infertility research as these issues dominated much of my 30's?  Well, I don't think that it was any one thing, but for me it had to do a lot with being a mum.

We live in a rural area of Victoria.  Our local doctors and hospital are equipped with the facilities to handle the general ailments of childhood.  But if something out of the box arises, or a serious injury occurs, then there is a need to seek medical attention in Melbourne.

Like a lot of families that live in rural and remote areas, we don't have any contacts or family in Melbourne that we can use as a base for an extended stay.  While all my kids are healthy right now, that may not always be the case.  I may very well need to use RMH myself.  Of course, I may never have to use them (touch wood), but my efforts will have gone some way to benefit other families just like mine.

Yes, I do know of families that have stayed at one of the many Houses around Australia.  And all of them have had glowing things to say about the facilities, the staff and the support that they received.

This fundraiser I am doing is not really about making cards.  Does that sound weird?  Because we are making cards!  What I mean, is that the day is about coming together as a group and providing some support for families that find themselves in such an unenviable situation.  I can only imagine what some of these families are going through as they sit, hope and pray for their children's wellbeing.

So we are really raising money, awareness and at the same time, doing something practical to give.  Cards are always needed.  Thankyou cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards and (unfortunately) sympathy cards are all needed by these families.  These cards will be donated and be made available free of charge for them to use.

You DO NOT have to be a cardmaker to come along.  You DO NOT have to continue to make cards after this day has finished.  There is NO PRESSURE for you to do anything more than pay your money, turn up and make some cards.  The ONLY requirement is that you HAVE FUN!

My goal is to donate a minimum of $1000 to RMHC and a good number of cards as well.  Can YOU help?  Can YOU spare the time?  Wouldn't YOU want someone else to support the charity if it were you that needed to use it?  Please help me achieve my goal.

Registration is Monday 14th October. Contact me to reserve your place.

I know that many of you have probably seen me advertise or publish this event across a myriad of forums.......and I will continue to do so until I get as many people as possible attend.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The foundations of Stampin' Up!

I thought you might to see a clip that echos the majority of demonstrator's feelings about SU!  Shelli is correct and truthful in saying that SU! is always about relationships.

Check it out for yourself.
(you may need to copy and paste in your own browser)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Vintage Christmas Cards

Hi all.  I was running a small comp to check out all your beautiful Chrissy cards done in a vintage style,  and these are the entries.  Unfortunately, I didn't get enough entries in the comp to warrant the allocation of a prize, but I do thank the ladies that participated.  Maybe next time, you would like to take part?

This is one from Carol Clayton who had trouble loading up to the linky list:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Best of.......October release now available

The Best of......set for October is now available.

This month, it is Best of.....Birthdays.  Fabbo.  We have a number of birthdays coming up in our family from November through to April (they seem to come thick and fast in that time period!), so I know I will get good use out of this set.
(click on the image to see a bigger version)
This set would also make an excellent Christmas present for someone crafty in your life.  So why not buy 2 sets!

Contact me to place your order, or why not use my online shop to do it all yourself?!  Click on the image below to go to my online store and start shopping!
(for those that are unfamiliar with online shopping, please refer to my Youtube video that explains how you can order online....just ignore the hostess code bit for individual orders)

Join SU! for just $25!!!! OMG.

It has NEVER been easier or cheaper to join SU!.

For an extremely limited time, you can join Stampin' Up! for just $25!  WHAT?  $25?  Yes, that's right...your eyes do not deceive you.

From October 7th through to 14th, you can join for just $25 and enjoy all of the benefits of being a demonstrator.

If you would like to join just to get the discount on all your future SU! purchases, then this is for you.  If you have been thinking for some time about joining, but the cost has held you back, this is for you.  If you already have a lot of SU! products and just want to join up, then this is for you.
During the promotion, the usual starter kit valued at $169 will not be available.  A special starter kit will be available which includes products valued at no more than $26.95 PLUS a business pack that contains a lot of the forms, catalogues and invites to get you started.

Remember...this special is only good for 2 WEEKS.  Offer runs out on October 14th.

Join my team and experience the benefits of being a demonstrator.  You can sign up and join my team online by clicking HERE.  If you want to chat about joining SU! and the perks available, please feel free to contact me.

Want to get MORE freebies?

Hot off the press!!!

Stampin' Up! have announced that for the month of October, hostesses can earn an EXTRA $25 of hostess rewards when they place a qualifying order*.  This is fantastic.  You can already get a heap of freebies, so this will be even better!  Especially in the lead up to Christmas when our crafting budgets seem to want to expand.

The $25 extra ties in with SU!'s 25th anniversary!

Contact me TODAY to arrange a workshop booking.  Remember, workshops can be run many different ways - some of them you can do online if you wish.  Give me a call to work out which type of workshop suits you and your friends the best.

$25 can knock that.  Offer valid until October 31st.

(*qualifying orders are $400 in sales before postage)

AW-01 Around the World Challenge

Hi all.  Tonight I stumbled upon a new challenge site that I thought might interest some of you.  I quite like these types of sites, because they push you to come up with something that you might not have ordinarily produced - be it the design, the colour combo, the theme or something else.

Australia's very own Alisa Tilsner is one of the team behind this challenge site.  This particular challenge is the very first one, so why don't you join in.  The only stipulation (that I can see at least) for playing along is that the products you use must all be current Stampin' Up!  And follow the theme.  For this challenge, the theme is CELEBRATE.
Here is my card.....I have to come clean and say that I did not create this card for this particular challenge in mind, but rather I had made it for my aunt whose birthday was last week.  But I really love the colour combo (Melon Mambo and Coastal Cabana) so much that I had to show it.  It is a pretty simple card, but I feel that the colour combo is so striking that it carries the whole card.  You don't have to fill up the whole front.  The other thing that I definitely had to add in was the Washi Tape.  I think I am having a love affair with this product!!!

So give it a go.  Join in and upload your project that says "Celebrate"!

Materials used:
Cardstock: Coastal Cabana, Melon Mambo
DSP - Etcetera
Stamps - Chalk Talk
Ink - Versamark 
Other - Melon Mambo Emboss Powder, Strawberry Slush Ruffled Ribbon, Gingham Garden Washi Tape, Vintage Faceted Button, Chalk Talk Framelits, Big Shot

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vintage Christmas is my version of the Vintage Christmas card challenge that I posted early hours of Saturday morning!  I would love it if you could play along...and you could win a prize for your efforts!  Simply link your creation to this blog by using the button located at the top of this post.
I would like to point out that except for the greeting - of which I used the new thinlit dies in the Holiday catalogue - NOTHING on this card is exclusively Christmas.  The tree was stamped from one of the images out of the set Lovely as a Tree, the DSP is from our Naturals Composition pack, which I coloured by swiping an ink pad across.  I have also used Gorgeous Grunge, Creative Elements and Clockworks on here as well.

This is an example of how to do a Christmas card without using traditional Christmas stamp sets.

For those that are booked into my Christmas card class on October 19th, this is one of the cards you will be making.  If you are not yet booked in, places are now EXTREMELY LIMITED.  The class is almost booked out and this is a bigger class that usual.  Contact me to reserve your place now.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Vintage Christmas challenge...PRIZE available!!

As I mentioned in my newsletter that went out recently, it is NOW that we need to start thinking about our Christmas card designs if we are intending to make them this year.  After all, it is (scarily) not that long until Christmas.

The workshops that I have been running recently - including one tomorrow - are focussing on Christmas projects.  I have been humming away at home, making things out of the Holiday catalogue.  I just received some of the single Christmas stamps in the mail today for a couple of customers and I was so surprised and pleased with the size of them, that I am rethinking my own Christmas card designs!!  Oh dear....another order is coming I feel!!!

To get you all thinking of Christmas (if you aren't already), I am putting a challenge to you.  And this is one to play along and possibly win a PRIZE!!!

I would like you to make a VINTAGE CHRISTMAS CARD.  Sound hard?  Don't have any vintage stamp images in your stash?  Well let me put this to you......have a look at your stamps in a brand new light.  Think about how some of them could be used in a different way.  You may find that a completely non Christmas set can be indeed used for the festive season.  Think about vintage colours and textures as well.  Whilst I would love you to stick as much to SU! products as possible, feel free to pop on some other trinkets that may help your project.

For those of you that play along, I will be giving away a pack of Season of Style Washi Tape (p25) AND a set of the Season of Style Designer Journaling Tags (p22).  Simply link your image by using the link button at the top of this blog (I will leave the link list at the top of the blog until the competition ends).

I will post a photo of my vintage Christmas creation Sunday....I want you to have a think first and not be too influenced by my style!  Good luck.

(*disclaimer: prize will be awarded based on judges decision [me and my hubby!].  A minimum of FIVE (5) separate user links must be received for prize to be awarded - so pass on the message to other crafters to enter!  Postage is included if required. Existing SU! demos are ineligible for prize, but please feel free to link your creation....just type 'demo' after your name).

Monday, September 23, 2013

Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser

For those of us with kids, we know how much worry we go through when one of our children are unwell.  You are filled with anxiety for them.

Well imagine if your child was sick enough to be admitted to hospital.  In Melbourne.  And you live in country Victoria or another state.  And this all happens in the blink of an eye.  And you have no relatives, friends, support networks to call on.

What do you do?  Where do YOU go to recharge your batteries?  And what if you are there for MONTHS?  Think about it.

Well this is exactly the case for more than 7000 families every year around Australia.  Those families are assisted by Ronald McDonald House Charities who provide a bed, food and a welcoming living environment (not to mention a shoulder to cry on).

As most of you know, I have 4 kids of my own, two of which have medical issues.  One of them has required hospitalisation in another town.  While we were very lucky in that Biddy (my daughter) did not have to stay long in hospital (3 days), I now have the empathy for those families that have to battle it out over a longer period of time.  And especially where their child is critically unwell.

As a demonstrator in country Victoria, I can't do very much in the way of volunteering at RMH.  I can't go and make beds, or do their shopping, or go and clean a few rooms.  But what I can do, is make some cards that the residents of the house can use whenever they need for various occasions.  I can also raise money to help offset the costs of running these vitally important resources.

As I have already mentioned in my monthly newsletter, I am running a HUGE fundraiser for RMHC on OCTOBER 26th in Colac.  Cost is $40 per person and everything, including lunch and refreshments, is supplied.  The day will run from 10am through to 4pm and during this time, we will all be making 4 cards - 1 which you will keep and 3 to donate - have guest speakers, door prize, prize patrols, demonstrations, guessing games and MORE!  Also, each guest will receive a gift bag containing some craft gear.

Registrations are now open.  Bookings and payments must be received by OCTOBER 14th.  Due to seating and insurance, I am limited to how many people can attend.  SO DON'T MISS OUT.  I already have a fair number of people booked in, and we have some wonderful sponsors on board as well.

Contact me today to book your place.  Payments can be made in cash (to me personally), or posted cheque or deposit in my bank account.  Contact me for postal address or bank details.

This day is shaping up to be a FANTASTIC day for all and I am really excited to share it with you all.  I would like to stress that this day is not only for hard core cardmakers.  Even if you have never picked up a piece of cardstock and tape, you will be FINE.  There will be helpers available to step you through the whole process.  I am hoping as many novice cardmakers as possible attend, just to show you how great this can be!

Go HERE to see the flier for the day, and PLEASE pass this info along to anyone that you think might be interested.

Hello and Thanks

Just a quick post to say HELLO to any new blog followers who came along to the St Mary's Garden and Lifestyle Expo on the weekend.  It was great to meet so many new faces and I hope that of the many catalogues that I gave out, that some of you will contact me with wanting to run a workshop!

As you could see form my display, I am able to cater for a range of tastes and occasions.  Just get in contact with me to arrange things.  Christmas is coming, so that is popular right at the moment!

And a big THANKYOU to all my regular customers that came along to the Expo as well.  I hope you enjoyed looking at some of my new display items and took away some great new ideas.

I will be back later this week with some nifty card ideas that you can start working on!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

St Mary's Expo sneak peeks!

Want to see some of the things I will have on offer at my stand on Saturday?
Butterfly kisses.....(I can demonstrate these on the day too!)

cards.....(I have many different ones) 
Mermaid wishes.....(oh so cute!)
Come along and check out what else I have.  The Expo is held at the Colac Showgrounds form 9am to 3pm.  There is a great array of different stallholders with goods priced to sell!  Food available and a yummy cake stall will be in operation as well!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MORE Christmas yumminess!

Just when I thought that I had bought all my Christmas stamps for this year.......Stampin' Up! has gone and released a whole bunch of single stamps!  And they have me drooling!!
Want to see these in a bigger format?  Click HERE and see the pdf file and download it for yourself!

Contact me to place your order, or order via my online store by clicking on my store icon located on the top left side of this blog!