Monday, February 4, 2013

Thought about joining Stampin' Up!?

If you have toyed with the idea of joining Stampin' Up!, then Sale-a-Bration is the ideal time to take the plunge.

During SAB, you will receive 25% more in your starter kit than usual.  Why?  Because it is SU!'s 25% anniversary of course.  You can choose $294 worth of products for just $169.  From last year, SU! now allow new demos to custom build their starter if you are a current customer that has a number of stamps and tools, you can pick and choose what other items will round out your kit.  Easy!

I often get questions about being a demonstrator and I am more than happy to discuss yours with you.  Just give me a call.  But there are a few that pop up all the time, so let me answer some common ones:

Do I have to sell products?
No, you do not have to sell products at all.  You may wish to join up just so that you can get a discount on your own purchases.  This is fine.  You never have to step foot into anyone's home to run a workshop if you don't want to.  However, trust me when I say that the products sell themselves and sooner or later, you will want to share your own love with others.

Do I have to sell or buy a certain amount in a given time?
Yes, there are minimums that you need to make.  The year is broken down into quarters (Jan - Mar; Apr - Jun etc) and during each quarter, you are required to meet a $400 minimum.  This amount is a combined sales of your own personal purchases, any workshop orders you make, and any individual orders for friends or family that you place.

What benefits are there for being a demo?
Well, apart from getting a discount on each and every purchase you make, you also have the ability to earn free products throughout the year, you get first dibs on purchasing products that are not yet released, you get to meet great people who are likeminded in this craft and make potentially lifelong friends and you have best job in the world!  There are also events that you can attend as a demo (such as convention and regional training) and if you want, you can work towards earning a FREE annual trip with expenses all paid for by SU! (next trip is to Utah, USA and to visit SU! head office!!)

What happens if I don't like it or can make minimums?
Nothing.  There are no penalties for ceasing your demonstratorship.  If you don't want to be a demo anymore, you simply stop placing orders and eventually you will "drop" (stop being a demo).  As you have already paid for your starter kit, there is nothing owed to SU!.  If you find yourself in the position of not meeting your minimum quarter sales figures but you still want to be a demo, you get a chance to make up your sales.  We are all human and things happen.  Life gets in the way and we all understand this.  As your upline, I will do whatever I can to help you.

Do I answer to anyone?
No...not really.  Except for having to meet minimums and handle yourself as a representative of SU!, you are your own boss.  As your upline, I will support you and if you are local to me or can travel, I will hold team meetings that you can me when I tell you that these are nothing like meetings you've attended in the past!!!  Think fun, fun, FUN!!!

These are the common ones, but you may have others.  I can send you a info pack on becoming a demo of you are interested and I am always willing to chat on the phone.

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