Friday, July 5, 2013

Limited time offer!

A rare and exciting opportunity has become available!  Due to an existing stamp club member unable to re-enrol in the next round of my stamp clubs (aka hostess club), I have ONE SPARE PLACE available.

These spots rarely come up as most club members roll over their membership into the next round purely because it is such good value.  You are guaranteed of getting hostess rewards, you get gifts, discounts and FREE catalogues.

Haven't gotten your brand new Annual Catalogue yet?  Want to get it for FREE?  Then this is one way.

My hostess clubs are all virtually run, so you can live ANYWHERE in Australia and be part of this!  In the past I have had ladies from Melbourne, rural NSW and Warrnambool participate.

This club basically functions like a workshop: one person is the "hostess" each time and all orders placed go towards earning that hostess free rewards which can be spent on any items in the catalogue.

BUT....I have to know in the next week or so if you want to join.  The next round starts on AUGUST 15th and we have to be ready to go with it by late July.

Shoot me an email ( or check out the tab (left hand side) that says "Clubs and Groups" for more information.  Trust'll be glad you joined!

Remember....this is a RARE opportunity that this place has opened up.  If you miss out, another chance may not present for some time.

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