Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Woo Hoo....Happy Days. New catalogue time!!!!!

Today's the day!
The NEW 2013-14 Catalogue is now live and you can order from it from 12pm TODAY.  For those ladies that have already received their catalogues, no doubt you have a wish list as long as your arm (or longer, if it is anything like my list!).  If so, you should consider two things:

  1. Join SU and get a discount on your order - not just now, but on EVERY order you place; or
  2. Get some friends around and hold a workshop, have some fun, check out the new things in real life and earn some FREE goodies while you're at it!

Contact me to arrange a workshop or place an order for you.  Or you can use my ONLINE SHOP and place your own order TODAY!!!

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