Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So many NEW things to play with!!

Phwoar.....this is going to be a heavily laden new products post!  Let's jump right into it.

The new Envelope Punch Board (or EPB) is a new product to SU!  This essentially enables you to make envelopes of ANY size to fit your card creations into, however DO NOT LIMIT yourself to just envelopes.  This tool allows you to do so much more!  I have just taken shipment of one of these beauties myself and I would be more than happy to show you how you can use it in a number of ways.
Envelope Punch Board (133774) is a great price at just $31.95.  Check out the details HERE.

If you want, check out this YouTube video that shows you just how you can use the EPB

The new Thinlit cards are just so cute.  ANYONE that you give one of these to is just going to think that you are a superstar cardmaker.  And you will nearly not make an easier card!  Cards made with this do not need to be heavily decorated, because the uniquness of the card itself is enough!  I also have both the different types of these thinlits with me and would be happy to show them to you if you would like to book a workshop with me!
The Thinlits come in 2 designs:
  • Label card (133479) which is featured in the picture, and
  • Circle card (133480)
Both retail at $55.95

It is that time of year when we start thinking about Christmas presents and what we will be giving people.  Often these days, many people make their own gifts for teachers, friends and family.  However, we are often left with poor packaging to place our treasured (and sometimes hard made!) gifts into.
Well fret no more.  The Holiday Catalogue is chocka-block full of packaging ideas.  And from now through to the end of November, you can buy some of them as bundles and save 15%.

The Holiday Tag It Decorative Box Bundle is on sale for $34.95
The Holiday Tag It XL Box Bundle is on sale for $32.95

Click on the picture to see the special in detail.

For those of you out there that have taken to MDS, this is just for YOU!
From now until November 30th, you will save 30% on selected digital products.  Simply go to www.mydigitalstudio.net to check out the details!

Ok...that should do you for today!  Remember, you can order any of these items online by just visiting my online store - CLICK HERE

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