Friday, October 11, 2013

So why did I pick Ronald McDonald House Charities?

I was asked recently if I had needed to use the services of Ronald McDonald House (RMH) and was that the reason I was raising money and making cards for them.  No, I am fortunate that I have not had to use their services or facilities (not for want of trying by any of my 4 kids though!).  But it got me thinking about how and why we become involved in the vast array of charities that are out there.  I mean, who is the best one for our time and money?

Often, people become involved in fundraising or charity work because of a personal connection.  For instance, someone may start to raise money for breast cancer research because a relative or themselves are diagnosed with the disease.  Others become involved in Beyond Blue because their best mate committed suicide.  Or a family like Ryven Harris' might pull out all the stops to raise the awareness for blood and done marrow donations.  Often, we don't become involved in something until it immediately affects us.

So why did I, a mum of 4 healthy kids who are not remotely in need of the services of RMH, start this campaign to raise money and make cards for the charity?  Why didn't I pick something else - possibly something else that might have attracted more people more quickly - to become involved?  Why didn't I raise money for IVF research or unexplained infertility research as these issues dominated much of my 30's?  Well, I don't think that it was any one thing, but for me it had to do a lot with being a mum.

We live in a rural area of Victoria.  Our local doctors and hospital are equipped with the facilities to handle the general ailments of childhood.  But if something out of the box arises, or a serious injury occurs, then there is a need to seek medical attention in Melbourne.

Like a lot of families that live in rural and remote areas, we don't have any contacts or family in Melbourne that we can use as a base for an extended stay.  While all my kids are healthy right now, that may not always be the case.  I may very well need to use RMH myself.  Of course, I may never have to use them (touch wood), but my efforts will have gone some way to benefit other families just like mine.

Yes, I do know of families that have stayed at one of the many Houses around Australia.  And all of them have had glowing things to say about the facilities, the staff and the support that they received.

This fundraiser I am doing is not really about making cards.  Does that sound weird?  Because we are making cards!  What I mean, is that the day is about coming together as a group and providing some support for families that find themselves in such an unenviable situation.  I can only imagine what some of these families are going through as they sit, hope and pray for their children's wellbeing.

So we are really raising money, awareness and at the same time, doing something practical to give.  Cards are always needed.  Thankyou cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards and (unfortunately) sympathy cards are all needed by these families.  These cards will be donated and be made available free of charge for them to use.

You DO NOT have to be a cardmaker to come along.  You DO NOT have to continue to make cards after this day has finished.  There is NO PRESSURE for you to do anything more than pay your money, turn up and make some cards.  The ONLY requirement is that you HAVE FUN!

My goal is to donate a minimum of $1000 to RMHC and a good number of cards as well.  Can YOU help?  Can YOU spare the time?  Wouldn't YOU want someone else to support the charity if it were you that needed to use it?  Please help me achieve my goal.

Registration is Monday 14th October. Contact me to reserve your place.

I know that many of you have probably seen me advertise or publish this event across a myriad of forums.......and I will continue to do so until I get as many people as possible attend.

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