Friday, June 27, 2014

Open invitation to my Catalogue Launch

I am so excited about the new catalogue that comes out on July 1st.  So much so, I could burst!  Well.....not really, but it is one of THE BEST catalogues I have ever seen come out of Stampin' Up!

Why?  Well, there is just so much in there - and I am not talking just about the amount of goodies that are in there (although, the catty has increased in pages number!), but also the range of what is on offer.

Details of my Open House for this catalogue launch:

  • Saturday JULY 26th
  • CFA meeting rooms, Colac Fire Station, COLAC
  • Cost is $15pp ($5 for club members).  Includes refreshments, Make n Take, goodie bag and MORE
  • Two sessions (exactly the same..choose the one that suits you) 10.30am - 12pm OR 1pm - 2.30pm.
  • RSVP by Monday July 21st to secure your place and to ensure enough supplies for everyone.

Stampin' Up! are truly moving to hold a place in EVERYONE'S life.  Not just cardmakers and traditionalist scrapbookers.  In this new catty, there is really something for everyone.

Let me illustrate:
Case 1.  You are a mum, with young kids.  You like to hold birthday parties at home which you like to decorate appropriately, but don't want to break the bank in order to do so.  How can SU! help?
Easy one!  SU! have been recently releasing more home decor and decorating ideas.  Some of the items in the new catalogue that will interest these mums are the banners and bunting that can be tailored for your own parties, the pre-printed invitations, the cute little boxes and bags that can be used for party favours, and of course the digital products through My Digital Studio (MDS) that can quickly and easily transform your party decorations!

Case 2. You like the idea of giving handmade greeting cards, but you don't want the expense of starting a 'whole new hobby'.  How can SU' help?
Simple.  We have a range of 'build your own' gift cards.  These range from simple to construct cards, through to kits that involve some extra steps and stamping.  They are priced at different levels so that there is one that fits your budget.  My 6yo daughter made 6 of these cards out of the Hip Hip Hooray kit in about 15 minutes.

Case 3. There have been a number of major events in your life and you want to document them.  But scrapbooking each one seems so onerous and time consuming.  You have a range of trinkets and memorabilia that you want to keep as well.  How can SU! help?
No problem.  SU! have recently teamed up with Becky Higgins, founder and CEO of Project Life.  This is a memory keeping system that is designed to help busy people record their major events, their everyday lives, the trips we take, and the milestones that we all achieve.  This simple to use system will have you organising the backlog of scrapbooking you have, as well as setting you up for all future events!

Come along and check out my displays featuring some of the new items.  Have a play with some of the new products and enjoy some delicious refreshments.  Please feel free to pass along this invitation to anyone else and feel free to book a place for a friend as well.  The more the merrier!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Joining special coming to an end!

Don't wake up on July 1st and kick yourself that you cannot buy all the goodness from the new catalogue at a DISCOUNT.

Ending on June 30th, you can join Stampin' Up! and my growing team of demonstrators for just $85!!  That's right.  This is less than most people's orders.   So why do it?

Well, apart from the obvious - getting a discount (which I will come back to) - you will also be part of a large national and international family of Stampin' Up! demonstrators who all share your passion.  Stamping, crafting, creating, scrapping....they all understand.  They all 'get it' and will encourage you and assist you.

Being a SU! demonstrator does not mean you have to run a "business".  You can purely buy just for yourself and be your own customer.  Simple.  You never have to run a workshop, a class, a party or anything if you din't want to.  However, if you do what to start your own business, then I will be right there with you, helping you take your first steps and then supporting you as you flourish!  Big or small, SU! needs demonstrators of every level.

You will also be eligible to earn significant rewards, from free product through to an all expenses paid holiday for 2 (next year's trip is to Hawaii!!!).  Demonstrators also have the ability to receive products before they are released to the public and are sometimes able to purchase product combinations that are for demos only.

Of course, there is training and development provided all the time.  We have our annual Convention (next year it is the Gold Coast), regional training days, team building sessions and a recently launched Stampin' Up! University helps demonstrators make the most of the company and their own businesses.  This is all entirely voluntary, so if you were simply buying for yourself, you don't HAVE to participate.  But trust is so much FUN.

And lastly - but by no means least - there is the ability to get 20% discount on all your purchases, and to earn a MINIMUM of 20% income on the sales of what you sell to others!

I have been a demo for more than 5 years now and I have really loved every moment.  I have met people who have become my closest friends through my involvement with SU!, I have learnt things about myself that I didn't know (that I am actually crafty!) and that I am not in the business of 'selling things to people'.....I am in the business of helping people realise their own crafty-ness and to assist them to express this.  The products sell themselves...they really do.

Check out this FLYER for more details on the sign up special.  If you are ready to join, you can easily and quickly do this via my online website by clicking HERE or by clicking the button below.

What are you waiting for?  You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Project Life - by Stampin' Up! - is now available for ordering!

Read through for an exclusive offer!!!

Stampin' Up! just couldn't wait until the launch of the new catalogue to start rolling out some of the new SU! exclusive Project Life products!  As of today, it is available to YOU!

So, what exactly is the hype about Project Life (aka PL)?

PL is a type of scrapbooking, but more than than, it is a memory keeping system.  Scrapbookers tend to get quite bogged down in the artistry of their work and often find that they simply run out of time to scrapbook big events, or major milestones.  It becomes an onerous task and all of a sudden, an overwhelming one.  Not fun.  Trust me, I know this feeling well.

Exclusive offer is coming up!!!

Becky Higgins, the creator of PL, felt the same way.  So she came up with a system that was going to make her scrapboking - and ultimately the recording of her memories - a damn sight easier and quicker. The basis of the system is pocket scrapbooking.  You will have seen this before, but the main difference is, PL offers the stuff that you need to complete the project.  Stampin' Up! takes this all one step further.

By co-ordinating the PL kits with the SU! colours, our ENTIRE RANGE of Stampin' Up! products are able to be used to accessorise or embellish your project.  Even if you never want to add anything more to the project than the basic journalling cards that come in the kit, the SU! PL kits are exclusive to SU!  That's will not see them for sale in any of the major stores that also tend to stock PL.

I have in my possession, some of the PL stuff right now.  If you are interested in seeing this for yourself, simply get in touch with me ( and we can arrange a mutual time to go through the system.  This will fit right into the lifestyles of mums, travellers, party goers, those that need to catch up on a lot of scrapbooking....just about anyone!

Ok....want to know about the exclusive offer?

Until the end of June, anyone that purchases a set of Project Life cards* from me, will go into the draw to win the cost of their kit back!  Yes, that is right, you can win your Project Life kit FOR FREE.

Want to see the list of products?  Then simply click HERE and start choosing!  You can shop via my online store (at the same place...just log in and start shopping!)

*Project Life content that is included in this special are:
  • Everyday Adventure PL Card Collection (actual card kit) valued $20.95
  • Happiness Is PL Card (digital download) valued $21.95
  • Little Moments PL Cards (digital download) valued $21.95
  • Playground PL Cards (digital download) valued $21.95
  • Everyday Adventure PL Cards (digial download) valued $21.95

This offer is made by me and available only through me, Sam Simpson, and should not be expected or demanded from any other demonstrator.  It is not a SU! special.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Join me and my team for just $85

I gave you a heads up early last week about a special on joining SU!  Well it is here.

You can join SU! for just $85 (and get $90 worth of value) from now until the end of June.  If you have been thinking about starting a new little (or big) business for yourself, or you just want to get great discounts on your craft purchases, now is the time to sign up.

Why should you sign up with me?  Well, I have a team of demonstrators that are located in 3 states of Australia.  Whilst my small team is definitely growing, I am still able to provide you with the 1:1 advice and support needed by new demonstrators.  I would like to take a moment to dispel one myth that seems to do the rounds every so often.  You certainly DO NOT need to be located near me to join my team.  You can be in Far North Queensland, or in Broome, or just up the road from me.  YOUR location does not matter (so long as you are in Australia).  Give me the opportunity to chat to you about what I can do for you and why joining my team is so much fun!

But what about the other perks of joining SU!?  Well they are many and varied, starting with:

  • 20% discount on ALL of your product purchases
  • an whopping 30% discount on your first demonstrator order placed
  • the ability to earn a minimum of 20% income on any SU! products that you sell
  • the ability to run YOUR business YOUR way
  • being able to view products before the public see them AND have the opportunity to purchase some of these products a month in advance of the general population
  • being able to attend the annual Stampin' Up! convention (to be held in the Gold Coast next year!) and other regional training during the year
  • ability to participate in my team product shares
  • meeting new and fantastically crafty ladies from across Australia by hooking into various forums that I am part of
  • new demonstrators are encouraged to participate in our Stampin' Start program whereby you can earn HEAPS of free stamp sets
  • cash bonuses for business builders
  • the ability to earn a fully paid Grand Vacation for you and your partner (next year's trip is to Hawaii

...and MORE.

I have been doing this for more than 5 years now and during that time I have had 2 babies.  With a total of 4 kids, running a large dairy farm and teaching swimming part time, you could be thinking that I wouldn't have the time to run a successful stamping business as well.  But that's just it.  This business is dead easy!  The products sell themselves and you can make this business fit around YOUR lifestyle.  It really is as straightforward as that.  I am living proof of this.  If it was difficult, I would be the first one to chuck it in!

Again, even if all you want, is to get 20% discount on your own purchases, then this is a fantastic opportunity.

Stampin' Up! have made it super simple to join as well.  You can do it all online via my online demonstrator website.  Simply click on the JOIN NOW button located right below and you are on your way to transforming your life like you never thought possible.
If you would like to contact me to discuss further, please don't hesitate to contact me via email and we can set up a time to have a chat.  No pressure.

Retiring products sold out....

I tell my customers this every year, but I need to repeat.  If you want to grab something off the retiring lists (either stamps or accessories), make sure you just DO IT.  Nothing on the list will be placed onto backorder, so once it is gone, it is GONE.  Do not regret not making that purchase.

Already, some items are completely sold out.  I will update this list as I get the information in order to keep you in the loop.

En Francis (clear) and (wood)
Blast Off (clear) - discontinued
Simply Stars (Clear)

Frosted Finished Embellishments

Gumball Green A4 Cardstock

Raspberry Ripple refill
Gumball Green refill
Midnight Muse Refill (backorder?)

Little Leaves Sizzlits

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gellibrand Gallery is turning 1yo!

One of the panels you will complete for the frame
I am very pleased to have been asked to help the Gellibrand Gallery celebrate their 1st anniversary by running a class.  They asked me because 1st anniversary gifts are traditionally PAPER and let's face it...that's my thing!

So I will be running a class on decorating picture frames.  I have run this class before for my own class attendees and it was hugely popular.  And it is nice, because even non cardmakers or non scrapbookers can participate and get something out of it!  And if anyone has kids that they want to bring, there will be an origami class just for them!

If you would like to come along, please let me know ASAP.  Some supplies need to be pre-purchased to ensure that there is enough for everyone on the day.

Details of the day are:
Date: SUNDAY 8th June
Time: 11am - 1pm
Cost: $25pp (covers all supplies and tea and coffee
Place: Gellibrand Gallery, Gellibrand (next to store, across the road from caravan park)

The details of the running of the day are:
11AM till 1PM
A scrapbooking workshop presented by Sam Simpson (from Graceful Impressions) , during which each person will create their own decorated frame. This will cost $25 per person.
At the same time one of our team (Monica) will be running a 'Jedi Origami' workshop, which will be free for kids.

Neal, from Cow Lick Bookshop in Colac, will be launching a new book from local author Christine Tunnacliffe.

After the book launch we will officially say 'happy birthday to us' with nibbles and a glass wine.

If you are interested in attending the workshops then please leave us a message, or contact Tim 0429 646111 OR Jan 0488 026353.  Contact ME if you want to attend my class.

Hope to see you over the weekend at the Gallery.