Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Project Life - by Stampin' Up! - is now available for ordering!

Read through for an exclusive offer!!!

Stampin' Up! just couldn't wait until the launch of the new catalogue to start rolling out some of the new SU! exclusive Project Life products!  As of today, it is available to YOU!

So, what exactly is the hype about Project Life (aka PL)?

PL is a type of scrapbooking, but more than than, it is a memory keeping system.  Scrapbookers tend to get quite bogged down in the artistry of their work and often find that they simply run out of time to scrapbook big events, or major milestones.  It becomes an onerous task and all of a sudden, an overwhelming one.  Not fun.  Trust me, I know this feeling well.

Exclusive offer is coming up!!!

Becky Higgins, the creator of PL, felt the same way.  So she came up with a system that was going to make her scrapboking - and ultimately the recording of her memories - a damn sight easier and quicker. The basis of the system is pocket scrapbooking.  You will have seen this before, but the main difference is, PL offers the stuff that you need to complete the project.  Stampin' Up! takes this all one step further.

By co-ordinating the PL kits with the SU! colours, our ENTIRE RANGE of Stampin' Up! products are able to be used to accessorise or embellish your project.  Even if you never want to add anything more to the project than the basic journalling cards that come in the kit, the SU! PL kits are exclusive to SU!  That's right...you will not see them for sale in any of the major stores that also tend to stock PL.

I have in my possession, some of the PL stuff right now.  If you are interested in seeing this for yourself, simply get in touch with me (sam.simpson@bigpond.com) and we can arrange a mutual time to go through the system.  This will fit right into the lifestyles of mums, travellers, party goers, those that need to catch up on a lot of scrapbooking....just about anyone!

Ok....want to know about the exclusive offer?

Until the end of June, anyone that purchases a set of Project Life cards* from me, will go into the draw to win the cost of their kit back!  Yes, that is right, you can win your Project Life kit FOR FREE.

Want to see the list of products?  Then simply click HERE and start choosing!  You can shop via my online store (at the same place...just log in and start shopping!)

*Project Life content that is included in this special are:
  • Everyday Adventure PL Card Collection (actual card kit) valued $20.95
  • Happiness Is PL Card (digital download) valued $21.95
  • Little Moments PL Cards (digital download) valued $21.95
  • Playground PL Cards (digital download) valued $21.95
  • Everyday Adventure PL Cards (digial download) valued $21.95

This offer is made by me and available only through me, Sam Simpson, and should not be expected or demanded from any other demonstrator.  It is not a SU! special.

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