Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Products discontinuing

In recent weeks, demonstrators have been given the news about two main products that will be discontinued.  As I have customers and friends that are using either or both of these products, I need to pass on the information.

Effective immediately, Blendabilities will no longer be available for purchase.  The reason for this, is that a major fault was picked up during the manufacturing phase resulting in a very high percentage of this product being rejected.  The process of welding the top of the pen onto the barrel was casing microscopic holes in the pen casing, which in turn was causing evaporation and hence, dry pens.  The return rate from customers was also high.  Based on these failure rates and the potentially long back order timeframes to supply new pens, SU! have taken the sad but neccessary step of removing this product line from our catalogues.

For any customers that currently have these pens on backorder or had selected them as a SAB freebie (prior to the announcement), you will be contacted to offer a replacement product.

From a personal note, I am very sad and disappointed to see the blendabilities go, but there is no good reason to keep a faulty product on the market.  There is no word on how, when or even if they will be replaced, but in the meantime, there are plenty of other colouring options available to us.  I am happy to run a colouring methods workshop if you would like more ideas on how to use the markers and inks.

Ok this is a big one and is a little out of the blue.  Effective MAY 31st, MDS will no longer be available for download.  In addition, no support (other than through informal avenues such as Facebook) will be offered to customers or demonstrators.  Of course, anything that you have purchased prior to this date, including the program itself, will still work and be available to you. It's just that you won't be able to buy any new things.

I will be doing another post relating specifically to using MDS AFTER May 31st and talk about how it is still a program that you can use for personal benefit.  So there is no need to toss the baby out with the bathwater.

What you need to know - and do - right now is to make sure that you backup your MDS purchases on an external source (ie, not your computer).  This will include the MDS program itself and any digital programs that you purchased.

I will be back with any more information as it comes to hand.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Joining SU + Sale-a-Bration = FREEBIE

Joining SU is easy and you don't even have to get dressed up for an interview!  Bonus.

Many people ask me about the business and I have compiled a few of the similar questions:

Q. What am I expected to do as a demonstrator?
A. The main thing is that you need to meet your quarterly minimums.  How you do this is entirely up to you.  You can earn these by selling product at in home workshops, run an online business, hold classes (which the product you use will be purchased from SU), run stamp clubs etc.....it is up to you.

Q. What if I don't achieve the minimums?
A. In the first case, you will go into what is known as "pending" status.  This simply means that you have an amount that you are outstanding by on the previous quarter dales.  If you wish to continue to be a demonstrator, you just need to make up this difference and then continue as normal.  If you don't wish to continue to be a demonstrator, you simply don't place any more orders.  you will then move into a "dropped" status which simply means you are no longer a demo.

Q. If I 'drop', what are the implications?
A. Nothing.  As you have already paid for all your supplies, there is no repercussions if you want to cease being a demo.  No questions asked, and no guilt about leaving.

Q. What are some of the benefits of being a demonstrator?
A.  Ahhh, this is the good stuff!  Being a demonstrator automatically entitles you to a 20% discount on all your purchases for the time you are a current demo.  You will also earn a minimum of 20% income on all commissionable sales.  These two aspects are the main drives behind a lot of demos joining SU!  However, there are also other benefits:

  • sneak peeks and the ability to pre-purchase upcoming products
  • see the products BEFORE the public does
  • attend training sessions
  • be part of a wider team - my team is spread out in Victoria, SA and even Saudi Arabia!!  But the wider team we belong to is the Elite Stampers which are 800+ members strong throughout Australia. 
  • ability to earn free products via various promotions throughout the year
  • ability to earn monetary bonus based on performance
  • ability to earn a free all expenses trip courtesy of SU!
  • support to grow your buisiness and grow your own team if this is what you wish to do
  • ...and more!

Join SU! during SAB and you will have the choice of one of two free options (see pic below).  The normal joining fee of just $169 and YOU can tailor the start kit to whatever YOU want!

The signing up process is simple as well - just click on the link below and you will be taken to the online joining form (you should see my name up the top right hand corner).  If you are having trouble, simply click on the 'Join Now" button on the side bar of this blog or contact me for assistance.

Remember, the bonus offer to join SU and get extra freebies runs out at the end of this month.  Don't delay and start enjoying the work you do!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

We Stamp for Lara

The "We Stamp For Lara" fundraiser is underway, but it is not too late to join!

The early bird price has now finished, but you can still get in on the action for just $45.  This will get you 31 tutorials which are simply FABULOUS!!!

So far we have had:

  • ways of getting colour onto your cards using your embossing folder
  • paper flowers
  • cute boxes and punch art
  • ...and more!

And there is still more GREATNESS to come (......mine!!).  LOL

Simply go to www.boldbadgerdesigns.com and click on the link to pay for your tutorial package.  Every day, these will come direct to your inbox and you will also have access to a private FaceBook page where there are more challenges, prizes and fun to be had!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Even MORE Sale-a-Bration freebies!!!

Further to my last post about it being the final month of SAB for 2015......as of today, SU! have released FOUR MORE NEW SAB ITEMS for you to earn.  For FREE!!!

Click on either picture to download and view in larger format!

Be a Sale-a-Bration Hostess

"Do you want to be a Hostess?....." [sing this to the tune of Frozen's 'Do you want to build a snowman?']

March is our final month of SAB.  My hostesses this year have enjoyed MORE FREEBIES than they would have normally received in hostess rewards.  You should be a hostess too!

One of the big hurdles I hear from ladies that I ask to be a hostess is "I don't have enough time".  OK, this is a fair call.  But what if I could help you out with this?

This year, I am introducing my 'Party in 45 minutes'.  This workshop is designed to be quick, informative and fun.  I come to your place, run a couple of demonstrations and you and your guests will make a small craft item (usually a tag or bookmark).  This format is designed with busy people in mind and is perfect to hold at a nighttime workshop that you want to make sure does not run into the wee hours!!!

Dates in March are booking up, so give me a call to reserve yours!