Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So long.....farewell

The retired list is now live and there are plenty of huge savings to be had!  But don't delay, because items on this list sell out VERY QUICKLY.  You are best advised to shop via my online store in order to have the best chance at securing your desired products.  Simply clikc on the SHOP button (left hand side menu) and go to my online shop via that way.  Simply click on the retired products picture when you get there!

So, with the retired list out, it must mean that the current catalogue is not long away!  Yes, that is correct.  All my current group members (stamp club and technique groups) will be automatically receiving the new catalogue free of charge.  If you are not a club member and would like to secure your own copy before it goes live on June 2nd, then simply click on the PayPal button and you will receive your catalogue before the end of May.  Cost of annual catalogues is $7.95 which includes postage!

I will also pop in her on a daily basis and keep you updated as to items that are sold out.  Note that items that sell out on this list, will not be placed on backorders.

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