Saturday, May 30, 2015


Just to draw your attention to the fact that the current Annual Catalogue runs out on TUESDAY JUNE 2nd, not June 30th as advertised on the catalogue cover.

This change was made after publication of the catalogue and it is to align ALL markets of SU! across the globe.  We are finally going to be a truly global company with all releases occurring on the same day!  So we get the new products and offers at the SAME TIME as the US and Canadian markets, which will be of good new to a number of you.

Also, TOMORROW (May 31st) is the LAST DAY you can purchase and download any MDS (My Digital Studio) products from SU!  

SU! have decided to remove this product offering (insert sad face).  It is a wise and just business decision, but I know that I will mourn it's demise.  However, you can continue to use MDS and any of the download you have just will not be able to buy any more.

So head on over to my online store and check out any last minute MDS purchases you would like (I did this on Thursday night!).  MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD the products after you have purchased them.  In addition to not being able to buy any more downloads after May 31st, you will also not be able to download any purchases that you have not already done to your computer.

BACK UP the MDS files on an external drive so that if your computer crashes, you don't loose everything!!!!

If you need any help, I will be lurking around.  Shoot me an email - - and I will do my best to help you out!!