Monday, June 22, 2015

Cards for non cardmakers

I get it.  I really do.

I have a multitude of friends that tell me how much they like my cards, but they "couldn't possibly make them" themselves.  Or - a popular one is - that "they don't have the time" to get into it making cards.  Sometimes friends tell me that "it is too expensive" to start another hobby.

So what if I told you I could fix EVERY SINGLE ONE of the above concerns?  What if I told you, I could not only save you time, help you produce beautiful handmade cards, but I could also SAVE YOU MONEY?  Would you be interested then?

Stampin' Up! have released their 2015-16 catalogue and it is simply bursting with ideas, kits and products for not only the dedicated cardmakers and scrapbookers amongst us, but for the person that just wants to knock out a few handmade cards a year, or who needs to grab some beautiful co-ordinating supplies for party invitations and favour bags.

One of the items that will appeal to non cardmakers is the "Tin of Cards" kit which features on page 152 of the catalogue.
This kit comes with the following supplies:
All for just $47 (plus p/h).  This is where I can save you money.

How much do you spend on cards at the newsagent?  $4.95? $6.50?  More?  I took a walk through a newsagent the other day and the AVERAGE price for a decent card was $5.95.
$5.95!  ON. AVERAGE.
The above kit initially sounds pricey.  $47 for handmade cards.  But let's break this down.
$47 for 16 cards works out to be $2.94 per card.  But the price also includes the storage tin (which is pretty special in real life!) and the dividers that you can use to separate different themed cards.  So lets say that the tin and dividers cost $7.  That means that it is now $40 for 16 cards which makes them $2.50 per card.

C'mon, that is PRETTY GOOD VALUE.  

You will get a beautiful handmade card for around the same price as those tatty generic low quality ones that you can get in the $2 shops.  But with the SU! kit ones, you can tell everyone proudly that "Why yes, I DID make that myself.  No trouble.  Easy as pie.  Beautiful isn't it?"

Ok, so what about the time aspect.  Well, I received this kit the other day and I quickly made up 1 of each of the 4 different designs for my catalogue launch yesterday.  And you know how long it took me?  About 20 minutes.  If that.  You could EASILY finish all 16 cards in a couple of hours and still have time for a cuppa and a chat (see below about a class on this).

And finally, what about skill level?  Ok, you may not be gifted with the skill of art.  You might not know our Mint Macaron from our Daffodil Delight.  But I can PROMISE YOU, you will not fail at making these cards up and have them professional looking.  The kit comes with everything you need, the colours are all co-ordinated and the hard thinking is taken out of the equation.

So what is stopping you?

The Tin of Cards kit co-ordinates with the Tin of Cards stamp set.  I will be running a class where I will supply the matching stamp set for you to use in constructing your cards.  I will also provide everything else you require to complete the cards (ink, adhesive etc).  All you will need to do is turn up.

The Tin of Cards class will be held on Saturday 8th August from 1pm - 3pm.  The location will held in Colac, and will be confirmed ASAP.  Cost of this class is $55 and includes everything you need including the kit, the use of my stamps and equipment, room hire and refreshments. 

RSVP for this class is STRICTLY by FRIDAY 24th July in order for me to order in the correct number of card kits. (please note that a cancellation fee will be charged in addition to the price of the card kit for no shows following the RSVP date).

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