Thursday, September 10, 2015

Christmas is definitely in the air!

I was on Facebook the other day and someone put up a post about how many days it is until Christmas.  I don't know the exact number, but I know that it is scarily close!!!  Before we know it, the festive silly season will be upon us.

This means that we need to start to get a jump on our Christmas projects NOW.

My rule of thumb, is that Christmas cards need to be in the post by 1st December.  If they are not made and in the mail then, chances are, you aren't going to do them.  As you know, I have 4 kids and with 2 of them in school, making Chrissy cards for their friends takes up an entire day.  I also have a mum who's birthday is in early December, my wedding anniversary in on 15th December, my stamping crew from around Colac has an annual dinner in early December, there are any number of Christmas parties and functions to attend......the list goes on!

So to get cards in the mail by December 1st, means that they have to be made around early to mid November depending on how many you are going to do.  In order to get your supplies, you need to be ordering in mid to late October.  From now until mid October, we only have just over 4 weeks.  Ouch!

In those 4 weeks, you will be looking around at Pinterest, Facebook, various carmakers blogsites (including mine!!!), to get inspiration on the design for YOUR projects (whether those by cards, table gifts, present gift tags, gift card holders, home furnishings and decorations.....).

As you can see, this is why I run my Christmas class in OCTOBER.  I am designing cards that you can easily replicate at home and I have used the same DSP pack to make it even easier for you!!!  Of course, I will have samples of other cards on display at the class and I will also be making up the same class cards using different stamps and DSP to show you that you can easily alter any of the designs to fit your stash.

Don't delay in booking in.  The Christmas card class is typically a bigger class, but there will still be an upper limit in how many I can cater for.  BOOK YOUR SPOT.

I will also be running a Christmas tag class using the Christmas tag kit in the Holiday catalogue.  For this class, you will be receiving the entire tag kit and will be making all the tags up on the day.  I will bring the stamp set and inks for you to complete the project.  Watch out for the RSVP date for this, as enough time needs to be allowed to order in sufficient kits.

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