Monday, November 16, 2015

On Stage Local

One of the perks about being a Stamping' Up! demonstrator is that you are able to attend a variety of events; from workshops, to fundraisers, to classes, to training days.  And they are all such fun.

One of the events that I love attending are the SU! training days.  In the recent past, these have been a 3-4 day event called Convention (held once a year at a major city in Australia) and a one day event called Regionals (held once a year but in a number of cities and regional centres across Australia).  With the move to becoming a truly global company, SU! have now reconfigured the training model in a totally new way.

On the weekend I, along with 3 members of my team, attended the On Stage Local event which was held in Melbourne.  This was a one day event, but was a different format to the Regionals that we had come to know.  It was a long day, full of information and inspiration.  We got to see new products in action, listen to the short term goals of the company and receive the Occasions AND Sale-a-Bration catalogues that will both go live early next year!

One of my team members - Terri Hawke - was fortunate to attend the On Stage Live event (a 3 day event) held in Brussels, Belgium!  A very exciting time for her!!

Far and away, the best part of attending these training days, is catching up with fellow demonstrators that have becoming close and dear friends.  This is a great perk of the business!

If you think that what you do is not all that exciting, and that in 2016, you want to ENJOY what you do, instead of just turning up to work and going through the motions, the talk to me.  Compared to many home based businesses out there, this is just so easy!  You can make it fit your life.  You can run the business the way you want to.  The levels that you want to achieve are set by you - no-one else!

I am coming up 7 years in the SU! family, and with 4 kids under 10yo, if it wasn't easy, I wouldn't be doing it.  Get in touch to change your working life in 2016!!!

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