Friday, December 30, 2016

New Occasions Catalogue and stamp club

Ok, following the Christmas frenzy of making cards and teachers gifts, my desk (and office) looks like a bomb has gone off.  My task for the weekend (while it is cool down here and I have some time) is to get in here and CLEAN UP.  I cannot find anything much less begin to think about getting new stuff out.

What about you?

I have to get my space sorted out because I have to get ready for the new Occasions Catalogue which is going to be live on 4th January.  I am placing an order for catalogues right now, so if you want one, please contact me ASAP and I will get you one free of charge.

One of my stamp clubs is coming to an end, and I have 2 places vacant.  If you would like to take advantage of snapping up one of these places, then let me know ASAP.  These places don't come up very often as current club members tend to roll over into the next 12 month period.  For more information on my clubs, please read the Clubs and Groups tab on this blog or contact me via email or mobile (0419 373 115) to discuss details.  But basically, it is a 12 month commitment and every 2nd month, you spend a minimum of $50 and once during the 12 months you are the hostess.  No worries about hosting parties, tidying your house....nothing like that!    Stamp club will start on 15th March 2017.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Exciting stuff coming!!!

Starting November 21st, customers will have the opportunity to save up to 40% on selected products. This deal strictly ends on November 28th, so don't miss out.  There could be some great stocking fillers for you to grab!

And to make it even better, SU! are going to have TWO 24hr sales on the first and the last day of the promotion.

More details to come....stay tuned!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Let's get some Christmas stuff going

I love Christmas.  I am unashamedly excited about all things festive.  I have grand plans early in the year of how my decorations are going to look, how my handmade packages will be presented and that I will hand make every single one of my cards.

Whilst I do try and get cards made, I have to admit a sense of failure on the other aspects.  But I love Christmas and I am secretly one of those people that never moans that decorations are in the shops too early!

So, to that end, let's start getting some Chrissy stuff happening.

Over on my Facebook page - and the post below this one - I mentioned TWO classes that I will be running in October and November to help you get a jump on making cards and tags.  Please do not forget about these and RSVP as soon as you can.  i know that time gets away, and this is whyI try to make sure that the card class at least is run in October so that you have plenty of time to have a play with some of the new stuff and to work out what you would like to use for your own Christmas cards.

The Tin of Tags class is brilliant, in as much as we all need tags.  More and more, people are noticing the little efforts that we go to in delivering presents (ok, not maybe the kids), but teachers, grandies, parents, other family members or treasured friends, all notice that you went to an extra length to make something just for them.  The tags are easy and will take you next to no time to do.  And doing the class means you get to use my stamps and inks to complete the while project.  In about 90 minutes, you will walk out with 30 handmade beautiful tags ready to pop on presents.  A few of them can actually be done in non Chrissy colours and you could use these to put on presents throughout the year if you wish!

Over the next week or so, I am going to be popping up a few new Christmas cards.  None of these will be the cards that you will make at one of my classes and I encourage you to copy them for your own personal use.

Let's get stuck in!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Christmas is here....sort of

Well, even though it might not FEEL like Christmas, for crafters, it really is time to THINK about it.
If you intend on doing handmade cards gifts, tags, packaging etc...then you need to get a jump start on it.  You should be trying to get a start on them anywhere from now through to mid November.  After that....then time just blows by as we all get caught up in the end of year festivities etc.

So to help you plan and get organised for the silly season, I have three things for you today.

1. The Holiday Catalogue is LIVE from today.  If you are in one of my stamp clubs or technique groups, you will have already received your catalogue or it will be arriving very soon in the mail.  Please contact me if you have not got yours by early next week.

In this catty, there are heaps of things to tempt you into getting crafty for the Christmas period.  Even though we here in Australia do not celebrate Hallowe'en or Thanksgiving, there are some very cute and practical products for us in these lines as well.  So don't dismiss them.

Simply click on the SHOP button on the left side of this blog and start shopping online.  Or contact me to place your order.

2. A few of my customers have participated in the Tin of Cards classes that I held last year and just a few months ago.  Last year, I also ran some Christmas Tags classes as well.  Well this, year, we will be doing it again and using the Tin of Tags kit out of the catalogue.  For this class, you will only need to bring your adhesives...I will make sure there is a Tin of Tags for you and you will use the corresponding stamp set to decorate them with my inks etc.  So, pencil into your diaries the 5th November for this class.  More details to follow.

3. As has become my custom, I will be holding a Christmas Card class again.  This is extremely popular and I encourage you to get your names down for this ASAP so you don't miss out.  This year, we will be using a range of products out of the Holiday Catty so you get a chance to use them for yourself and consider which products are going to be used for your own Christmas crafting.  We will also be looking at creating a couple of cards using non traditional Christmas colours, so if you are interested in this, contact me.  Pencil into your diaries the 22nd October for this class.  More details to follow.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Don't forget everyone, if you would like to book in for the Tin of Cards class, I will need to know by JULY 31st (which is coming up extremely fast).

Look forward to hearing from you all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tin of Cards Class

Following on from last year's extremely successful "Tin of Cards" class, I am holding this once again.

The class will use the Tin of Cards kit purchased from the Stamping' Up! catalogue.  In addition, I  will supply the inks, the matching stamp set, specialised adhesives and refreshments.

Walk away with 16 completed cards that are ready to send out to your family and friends.  Because these are YOUR cards, you can personalise them however you want by adding which sentiment suits you.

As I have to order the kits in specially, I need to know numbers by JULY 31st.  Pre payment is welcomed.

**EDITED** I don't know what I was thinking, however, this class is $55pp.  The kit alone is $47!!

Cost of the session is $40 and will cover everything mentioned above.   The date of the event is AUGUST 13th starting at 1pm.  Location to be confirmed ASAP.

Thoughtful Branches...coming soon

Hi all.

Just a heads up.  Starting August 2nd, you will be able to purchase the 'Thoughtful Branches" bundle.  This limited time stamp set and matching die is such a lovely set.  It has so many uses that cover so many occasions.  This is one set that you will want to have in your stash.

Although the special runs through to the end of August, it will conclude when stocks run out.  So don't delay!  Contact me to gets yours!  Stamp club members can add this item onto your order in August.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

I'm here.....I'm actually here!

Yes, it has been a long time since I have regularly posted, however I am pleased to say that my computer problems are now behind me and Mark is no longer allowed anywhere near my laptop!!

So what's been going on?

Yesterday (Saturday), I held my launch party for the new 2016-17 catalogue.  It is fantastic and although I didn't do as big of a spread as in previous years, I was surprised myself by how many cards and packaging I had churned out in a few days.  As I told the ladies that turned up, I cased the majority of the cards straight out of the catalogue.  Of course, there were some there that were my own design, but the vast majority were straight copies.  And that is one of the purposes of the catalogue.  It is not only a book that showcases our products, but it is an IDEAS book as well.  I have all my old ones within easy reach for when my mojo takes off, or I am really rushed to get something done.

One of my hostess clubs (aka stamp clubs) is coming to an end.  The next new round will start in AUGUST.  If you are thinking that you would like a way to manage your budget for all of the new items, this is a perfect club for you.  A minimum $50 order every second month is all it takes.  You get to be the hostess once during the club year and also get gifts and benefits from me (like free catalogues, welcome gifts, discounts etc).  If you would like to take part, please contact me via my email at

I will be starting a new techniques group this year as well.  This group will be the first to run under the new format of a day class.  Once a quarter, we will get together and complete 3 - 4 new techniques.  This format is beneficial to those that would love to be part of my monthly tech groups, but are unable to commit to either the timing (day/night) or the day of the week selected.  If you are interested in learning more about this, please contact me on email at
I currently have 4 ladies down on the list for this and I can only provide space for 8.  Get in quick!!

Whilst I have taken a step back from running regular monthly classes for this year, I am still available to provide in home workshops for you and your guests.  Many people tell me that they don't know enough people that would be interested, however, you would be surprised by who in your circle of friends would indeed come along.  It is really all in the way that you frame it.  After all, who doesn't send/give a birthday, Christmas, sympathy, Mothers/Fathers day card?  And what about all the brilliant one of a kind packaging you can do for parties, weddings, Christenings/Naming days and other celebrations?  Trust me, more people that you give credit for would be interested.  You just have to ask.  Let me help you by giving you some information about who to contact and what to say.  And for your trouble, you will have a great time, learn stuff and earn freebies!!!!

Ok, I'll leave it there for my first blog back.  Any questions please contact me.  If you require a new catalogue, please let me know and I will get one delivered to you ASAP.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Thinking, thinking.....

OK, so most of you have caught up on the fact that this year, I will not be holding monthly classes like I have been doing for the past 5 years.  I really needed a bit of space to be with the kids now I have 3 of them at school.

However, I miss my regular classes and as such I have my thinking cap on as to what else I can offer. I have a couple of ideas on the go which are listed below.  If you are interested in any of them - and I'm not asking for a firm commitment, rather, just an indication of how interested people are - then please either comment to this post, or email me directly.

One thing I am going to introduce (reintroduce!) is challenges.  Only this time, I won't be running them as a contest, but more of a jumping off point for you to use in creating your own works of art!

I will also be roping in some people to help (my downline for starters....although they don't know this yet!!) and they will create a card using the same colours and design.  Anyway, let's go with it and see how it goes!!

New technique class - this class will be based on my popular technique group.  The basis of the techniques will come from the tech group format, but instead of doing one technique each time, you will do 5 in one go.  The format will be altered due to time considerations and the class will be held 3 times over the course of 2016 and on a weekend (Sat or Sun depending on timing).

ATC swap - ATC's - or Artist Trading Cards - are similar in size to the swap cards that we have all known and loved.  ATC's had a big following a few years back and I want to bring them into 2016!!  I think that these are a wonderful way of getting some new ideas that you can use in creating cards (e.g. use the design and increase it for a card front, take the theme and do something similar for your cards etc).  There will be rules associated with this swap (for everyone's benefit) which I will fill in more detail at a later date, but basically, the idea is you would make X amount for ATC's in a particular theme or colour scheme (to be announced by me), and you would send them to a central place (me!) and then would receive a whole heap back!  Easy.

BYO days - we all have a stash of unfinished - or unstarted - projects lying around.  These sessions will provide you with the place, the time and the support to get your stuff done.  Cost for this would be minimal as you would be bringing a lot of your own stash with you, but orders can be arranged to be bought to the class for you to use.

Online classes - I will be running a couple of online classes this year.  For those that want to participate in this, you will purchase a subscription pack which will provide you with the stamp set, cardstock, embellishment and anything else you might require.  You will receive step by step instructions as well.

Video classes - I am tentatively putting this put there, because I have not actually done this.  But I am hoping to provide a few YouTube clips/Periscope sessions that you will be able to watch me creating a card that you can copy.

Product bundles and shares will still be offered as per other years.

Classes - I will still be running some classes (definitely Christmas class!!!) so make sure you check out this blogsite, my Facebook page and any emails that I send.  I suggest that given I have reduced classes, the ones I run will book up FAST.  So don't delay!!

...and more (as I think of them).  So if any of these interest you, please either comment below, or send me an email.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sale-A-Bration an Occasions catalogues are on NOW!!

Hi all.  No, I have not forgotten you.  My computer has been in a bit of a hiatus.  Mid laste year, my computer stopped allowing me access to Youtube and some other stuff unless I upgraded.  So I did.  And the computer has not stopped crashing ever since.  It is HUGELY frustrating.  I can barely get through an hour of computer time without it crashing 4 or 5 times.

So "Santa" (aka me) bought a new computer for Christmas.  But because of the fires down in Wye River and the work that entailed from it over the Christmas NY period, I did not get a chance to turn it on.  And then I had to transfer files from old to new.  And it didn't like me doing that.  So I had to send it back to computer store.  And then finally got it the day I left for Apollo Bay and then I haven't had much of a chance to do anything.

But that's good right?  Because it means that I am spending time with the family instead of being online all the time.

But I have managed to sneak on to remind you all that Sale-a-Bration is now on.  It started on Jan 5th and runs right through until March 30th.  There are some wonderful items in the SAB catalogue, but remember; you cannot buy any of these items, but you do get them for FREE with any $90 order placed.  Simple.

And spending the $90 is even easier, because our Occasions Catalogue also just went live on Jan 5th and this is CRAMMED with such goodness, that you will not be able to contain yourself!

I will pop a link up to the SAB and the Occasions catalogues tomorrow, but most of my regulars should have received hard copies in the mail or hand delivered.  If you didn't, please contact me via email and I will arrange to get them to you ASAP.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Welcome to the start of a new year

Hello all my lovely readers!  By the time you are reading this, NYE is well and truly over and some of you have even got over the hangovers that tend to associate themselves with this celebration.  Not me though....with 4 little ones in the house, a hubby who had been at bush fires for all of the week and a mum that had been helping me out for the whole week, we were one tired family.  In fact, it was only me that made it up til midnight and that was a bit by chance!

I hope that you and your's have rung in the NY in style and are raring to go for 2016.

I have mentioned previously in my Facebook post of Dec 8th, I will be rejigging my stamping business this year in order to make more time with my family.  I will not be holding monthly classes, but rather,I will be holding classes a few times throughout the year.  I anticipate that these classes will fill up quite quickly, so once you see them advertised on here, Facebook or by email newsletter, don't delay in booking in.

I will also be offering a new technique group which will not be held monthly (as the current groups are), but will be held about 3 or 4 times a year.  This format is to allow for those that cannot commit to monthly classes, or for whom travel is an issue, or for those that do not like coming out at night.  Please keep an eye out for this advertisement, but if you are interested, please contact me for further info.  I already have a list of about 4 ladies for this.

Online classes is going to feature more in my line up this year, and I am going to venture into the realm of videoing my classes. Each paid guest will be able to access the class content including the videos.  I am developing these, so what for the first one in a couple of months.

If there is anything that you would like me to focus on, I am more than happy to try and incorporate it into my social media.

Sale-a-Bration begins 5th January as does the new Occasions Catalogue.  I will post more about these in another post, but trust me, you will not want to miss goodies in either of these cattys!  Contact me to get your own copies.