Friday, February 5, 2016

Thinking, thinking.....

OK, so most of you have caught up on the fact that this year, I will not be holding monthly classes like I have been doing for the past 5 years.  I really needed a bit of space to be with the kids now I have 3 of them at school.

However, I miss my regular classes and as such I have my thinking cap on as to what else I can offer. I have a couple of ideas on the go which are listed below.  If you are interested in any of them - and I'm not asking for a firm commitment, rather, just an indication of how interested people are - then please either comment to this post, or email me directly.

One thing I am going to introduce (reintroduce!) is challenges.  Only this time, I won't be running them as a contest, but more of a jumping off point for you to use in creating your own works of art!

I will also be roping in some people to help (my downline for starters....although they don't know this yet!!) and they will create a card using the same colours and design.  Anyway, let's go with it and see how it goes!!

New technique class - this class will be based on my popular technique group.  The basis of the techniques will come from the tech group format, but instead of doing one technique each time, you will do 5 in one go.  The format will be altered due to time considerations and the class will be held 3 times over the course of 2016 and on a weekend (Sat or Sun depending on timing).

ATC swap - ATC's - or Artist Trading Cards - are similar in size to the swap cards that we have all known and loved.  ATC's had a big following a few years back and I want to bring them into 2016!!  I think that these are a wonderful way of getting some new ideas that you can use in creating cards (e.g. use the design and increase it for a card front, take the theme and do something similar for your cards etc).  There will be rules associated with this swap (for everyone's benefit) which I will fill in more detail at a later date, but basically, the idea is you would make X amount for ATC's in a particular theme or colour scheme (to be announced by me), and you would send them to a central place (me!) and then would receive a whole heap back!  Easy.

BYO days - we all have a stash of unfinished - or unstarted - projects lying around.  These sessions will provide you with the place, the time and the support to get your stuff done.  Cost for this would be minimal as you would be bringing a lot of your own stash with you, but orders can be arranged to be bought to the class for you to use.

Online classes - I will be running a couple of online classes this year.  For those that want to participate in this, you will purchase a subscription pack which will provide you with the stamp set, cardstock, embellishment and anything else you might require.  You will receive step by step instructions as well.

Video classes - I am tentatively putting this put there, because I have not actually done this.  But I am hoping to provide a few YouTube clips/Periscope sessions that you will be able to watch me creating a card that you can copy.

Product bundles and shares will still be offered as per other years.

Classes - I will still be running some classes (definitely Christmas class!!!) so make sure you check out this blogsite, my Facebook page and any emails that I send.  I suggest that given I have reduced classes, the ones I run will book up FAST.  So don't delay!!

...and more (as I think of them).  So if any of these interest you, please either comment below, or send me an email.