Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Let's get some Christmas stuff going

I love Christmas.  I am unashamedly excited about all things festive.  I have grand plans early in the year of how my decorations are going to look, how my handmade packages will be presented and that I will hand make every single one of my cards.

Whilst I do try and get cards made, I have to admit a sense of failure on the other aspects.  But I love Christmas and I am secretly one of those people that never moans that decorations are in the shops too early!

So, to that end, let's start getting some Chrissy stuff happening.

Over on my Facebook page - and the post below this one - I mentioned TWO classes that I will be running in October and November to help you get a jump on making cards and tags.  Please do not forget about these and RSVP as soon as you can.  i know that time gets away, and this is whyI try to make sure that the card class at least is run in October so that you have plenty of time to have a play with some of the new stuff and to work out what you would like to use for your own Christmas cards.

The Tin of Tags class is brilliant, in as much as we all need tags.  More and more, people are noticing the little efforts that we go to in delivering presents (ok, not maybe the kids), but teachers, grandies, parents, other family members or treasured friends, all notice that you went to an extra length to make something just for them.  The tags are easy and will take you next to no time to do.  And doing the class means you get to use my stamps and inks to complete the while project.  In about 90 minutes, you will walk out with 30 handmade beautiful tags ready to pop on presents.  A few of them can actually be done in non Chrissy colours and you could use these to put on presents throughout the year if you wish!

Over the next week or so, I am going to be popping up a few new Christmas cards.  None of these will be the cards that you will make at one of my classes and I encourage you to copy them for your own personal use.

Let's get stuck in!!!

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