Friday, December 30, 2016

New Occasions Catalogue and stamp club

Ok, following the Christmas frenzy of making cards and teachers gifts, my desk (and office) looks like a bomb has gone off.  My task for the weekend (while it is cool down here and I have some time) is to get in here and CLEAN UP.  I cannot find anything much less begin to think about getting new stuff out.

What about you?

I have to get my space sorted out because I have to get ready for the new Occasions Catalogue which is going to be live on 4th January.  I am placing an order for catalogues right now, so if you want one, please contact me ASAP and I will get you one free of charge.

One of my stamp clubs is coming to an end, and I have 2 places vacant.  If you would like to take advantage of snapping up one of these places, then let me know ASAP.  These places don't come up very often as current club members tend to roll over into the next 12 month period.  For more information on my clubs, please read the Clubs and Groups tab on this blog or contact me via email or mobile (0419 373 115) to discuss details.  But basically, it is a 12 month commitment and every 2nd month, you spend a minimum of $50 and once during the 12 months you are the hostess.  No worries about hosting parties, tidying your house....nothing like that!    Stamp club will start on 15th March 2017.