Sunday, January 7, 2018

Icy stick holders for sale

Whether you call them Zooper Doopers, or icy sticks or whatever, it is always handy to have a little holder for them.  In the past, we have simply wadded up some kitchen paper, but I found these little beauties - neoprene holders - and I have personalised them!

Yippee.  No more melting icy sticks in your hand.

If you would like your very own, please check out the colours and fonts below and let me know.  For those that require postage, that is extra and I will send for as cheap as possible.

Each holder is $5 (+ GST); postage is extra.

STEP 1: Choose you preferred colour

STEP 2: Choose your desired font (simply let me know which name has the font you like)

STEP 3: Choose what colour you would like the name
Either leave the choice to me, or choose from:
  • BLUE
  • PINK
  • LIGHT GREEN (not pictured)
  • (Holographic in pic not available)

STEP 4: shoot me your contact details
This way, I can invoice you via PayPal or send you my bank details!

STEP 5: give 'em to your kiddies to enjoy!

Simple 😀